At we are strictly against underage gambling. Our Underage Gambling Policy is designed to protect young people from the harmful effects of gambling and to comply with relevant laws. The following are the key aspects of this policy:

Age limit

All players registered on must be of legal age in their country or jurisdiction. We take our responsibility to verify the age of players seriously and require supporting documentation if a player’s age is in doubt.

Age Verification Procedure

When registering a new account, our system automatically checks the user’s age based on the information provided. If age is in doubt or if required by law, we may request additional documentation to verify age.


All employees of our platform are trained and informed about the policy prohibiting gambling for minors. We strictly enforce this policy and ensure that our employees are prepared to detect and stop any attempts by minors to play on our site.

Security and control

We take measures to ensure security and control access to gambling on our platform:

  • Filtering Systems: We use content filtering technologies to prevent minors from accessing gambling.
  • Restricting Access: We provide tools for parents and guardians to help them monitor and limit their children’s access to our platform.

Public responsibility

We actively cooperate with organizations to combat problem gambling among minors and support public accountability measures in this area. We encourage awareness and dialogue on this topic among our users and community.

Conclusion’s no-underage gambling policy is an integral part of our commitment to providing a safe and responsible gaming environment. We take every precaution to protect young people from the harmful effects of gambling and encourage all our users to gamble responsibly. If you have questions or comments regarding our policyplease contact our support team.

In addition to our anti-underage gambling policy, we actively work to raise awareness of the dangers of gambling among teenagers and their parents. We provide information about the dangers of gambling on our website, including material on the signs of problem gambling, ways to help and support those with problems, and advice on safe and responsible gambling behavior.

In addition, we support programs and initiatives aimed at preventing problem gambling among young people. This includes participation in campaigns to combat gambling addiction, financial support for projects to prevent gambling problems and cooperation with organizations that provide assistance in the treatment of gambling addictions.

Our goal is not only to prevent minors from accessing gambling, but also to create a healthy and safe gaming environment for all of our users. We continually strive to improve our anti-problem gambling practices and programs to make our services as safe and responsible as possible for everyone.

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