Among the best casino providers, Amigos games are prevalent. The company is headquartered in Barcelona. For online casinos, a variety of exciting entertainment is offered.

Branded products with exciting and unique plots will not leave anyone indifferent. There are many features, amazing graphics, and high-quality sound design. And everyone can, under the mood and taste in Amigo casino offers, choose all that the soul desires to play for free, for training and pleasure, or to bet for real money on every victory guaranteed to withdraw generous monetary awards.

It is worth highlighting the peculiarities of Amigo slots casino games:

  1. They do their best here to bring Mediterranean style to online casinos all over the planet;
  2. All efforts of the company are focused on creating high-quality slots that would be available for virtual gambling clubs;
  3. Integrity, reliability, and security are guaranteed.

This is not the end of the list. It could go on and on.

The year of Amigo Gaming’s foundation was 2020. The company was founded in Barcelona. A total of thirty-eight games were released. The developers do not stop there. Many more exciting new products will suit the taste of even the most demanding gamblers.

Number of machines from Amigo gamingMore than fifteen
The main types of gamesOnline slots of various themes
Technologies usedHTML 5
What about the operating marketsThe whole world
Are there free spins+
Are there jackpots+
What year was the company founded2020

Over the years, the company has managed to gain an impeccable reputation. The products of the famous developer have a lot of fans. Each slot is attractive to the plot, graphics, and sound in each excellent animation. You can choose under the taste and thematic preferences of various machines.

And you can not go wrong here. They are all bright and exciting, all promising generous rewards for the wins. Especially if you are lucky and win the jackpot, which can be incredibly large.

History of Amigo Gaming Provider

Since its inception, Amigo slots casino has developed fifteen impressive slots in the first year. They took their place in Amigo provides portfolio. They took their place in Amigo’s portfolio. They are now at the peak of popularity. Integrity, reliability, and safety are guaranteed.

It is worth highlighting the main features of the activities of the famous provider:

  1. The popular Amigo slots game suppliers unique video slots online casino offers a unique graphic style as well as a variety of embedded features.
  2. An international team is united at the headquarters in Barcelona. Here they are developing a universal product that attracts users from different segments worldwide.
  3. The mobile design is based on vertical screens, successfully used to optimize gameplay right on the go. Amigos games in mobile versions work flawlessly on mobile devices, with iOS or Android.

In addition, innovative concepts and vibrant themes in each slot should also be added to the list. Thus guaranteeing the most exciting online entertainment for every user. At the heart of all slots is advanced basic technology. This includes HTML 5. Thus guaranteeing a problem-free game on any device.

You can play on your computer or laptop from the comfort of your monitor screen, or right on the go, without geographical reference, anywhere where the Internet is available, from a smartphone or any other mobile device with Internet access, play on the way to work or while traveling, even more often participating in the exciting pursuit of fortune.

You can always find products from famous developers in the most reliable and popular casinos using Amigo Gaming. And everyone according to their preferences in terms of thematic areas. Taking into account, the mood will be able to choose all that the soul desires.

Amigo Gaming Casino Software And Graphics

One of the most significant components of any online casino is the software. By choosing this provider, you are guaranteed to get Amigo software, reliable and safe. Even though the provider is a newcomer to the online gambling market, they offer quality slots.

Thanks to the reliable modern Amigo casino software providers, smooth running of games, quick loading, and absence of glitches and hangs are guaranteed.

Vivid graphics, impressive sound, and unique stories in each slot further motivate users to play and win. Everyone who at least once will play in any machine known provider, again and again, will choose slots for this developer. All of them are promising winnings. Thanks to additional features, it becomes possible to increase the winnings significantly.

The online Amigo slots casino review guarantees strict confidentiality thanks to modern SSL encryption. HTML5 platform is promising in terms of features and filling slots. They have a lot of fun. They have a lot of surprises and prizes that are not only fun but also bring profit to the user.

Risk games enable you to increase your winnings significantly. Accepting the offer to play it, you need to guess the card that will immediately open. And if you are not mistaken, hit precisely on the target, Amigo slots casino withdrawal methods are a more significant sum for the victory in the game.

The games are even more interesting and exciting thanks to the impressive graphics. Everyone can plunge into the beautiful virtual world of gambling entertainment by choosing video slots known providers. Everyone is guaranteed bright emotions. Each slot is promising in terms of the possible amount of winnings.

Thanks to additional convenient and profitable features, it becomes possible to increase your winnings generously. So you can get rich quickly, often winning by wagering money after registration on the online casino website. Thus, you will open up a lot of new opportunities. You will be able to change your life for the better radically.

You will be able to realize a cherished dream if previously it was not possible due to lack of money. You will be able to travel around the world to afford expensive purchases. And all this you can get without straining physically, enjoying the game at online casinos. At any time of the day, you can go to a virtual gambling club and choose the best apparatus known to participate with pleasure in the game or just watch the action.

You will not have to stand in line to run the drums in motion. Immediately, once you decide on a choice, you can use the start or auto to run the drums. In the first case, you will be involved in controlling the game. In the second, you will only observe the action and enjoy the appearance of fun and good video slot prizes and surprises.

The bonus round will, at times, increase the winnings. Accepting the offer to play the risk game, you can increase your winnings if you guess the immediately available card. Many other exciting and valuable additions are waiting for you in the video slots of the famous provider.

Games Selection Amigo Gaming

An excellent range of slots from Amigo gaming casinos allows everyone to play the best slots, free or betting for real money. It is worth familiarizing yourself with the most popular slots.

Barbarian Stash

The fascinating slot secret barbarians are dynamic and very popular with users. Of the features should be distinguished:

  • a fascinating storyline;
  • perfect graphics;
  • impeccable sound design.

The list can safely add advantageous and convenient features that make the game even more exciting and attractive to users.

This slot is also available in a mobile application. You can play it right on the go, anywhere you have access to the Internet, from your mobile gadget. And, of course, your device must also have internet access. The fascinating video slot was released in the spring of 2021. It immediately became popular. And everyone will be satisfied, choosing this machine in online casinos for a vivid pastime in a virtual gambling club.

Among the main characteristics worth noting:

  • high RTP, which is ninety-six percent;
  • high dispersion;
  • the maximum winnings of x2000.

Also, to be added to the list should be a minimum bet of 02 and a maximum of 200000. Of the additional features and bonuses in the game, it is worth allocating free spins and wild symbols in the form of a scatter and Wylde. Everyone can significantly increase their winnings thanks to the mass of good additions to the slot.

You can be bright and interested in spending your free time choosing this machine. You can also play for free. Choosing the demo mode, and making bets for real money, and passing registration on the site. It is also possible, and the mobile version, to participate even more often to participate in exciting virtual adventures on the way to work or while traveling.

It uses HTML 5 and JS Amigo software technologies. During the game, you can feel like a warrior, join barbarian tribes and besiege enemies. As a result, riches await you, up to two thousand times the bet. With the help of wild symbols, you can replace the suitable icons in the combination to make the chain winnable.

Book of Zeus

This slot has ten lines, high volatility, and an RTP percentage of ninety-six percent. The maximum winnings are x6000. The bright and exciting slot is built on classic book mechanics. The creator was inspired by the Book of the Dead, resulting in the bright Book of Zeus slot.

All lovers of genres and legends will have to taste this machine. You can bet for real money, winning large sums of currency. You can test the slot in advance for luck, choosing the demo mode. This choice will also be helpful for beginners to gain experience, to learn the rules of the game.

Regal Fruits 40

The new bright and exciting slot for online casinos, Regal Fruits 40, will not leave anyone indifferent. There are a lot of unique features. It is worth highlighting:

  • a variety of symbols, unique and bright;
  • a lot of winning combinations;
  • forty pay lines;
  • game mechanics, perfectly complementing the usual bars, as well as fruit symbols.

The features do not end there. The list goes on. Each user will be conquered by the exciting plot and game with literally the first spin of the drum.

A bright and exciting video slot was released in September 2021. You can also play from mobile devices, on Android and iOS, if you have access to the Internet, where you will actively participate in the pursuit of fortune and the gadget itself, whether it is a smartphone or tablet.

Blazing Crown

In continuation to the list, it is worth adding many additional features in the video slot, thanks to which winning a large and generous kush in currency becomes possible. It is enough to register and bet for real money, and you can quickly improve your financial well-being by winning and withdrawing awards conveniently and using Amigo slots casino deposit methods.

The game has free spins and automatic bonus games, and fast spins. And this is not all that awaits you in a fascinating game many gamblers love.

Amigo Gold Classic

The Amigo Gold Classic slot is no less attractive in the fruit theme. Here the main character is the character Amigo, with a mustache, wearing a sombrero. He gives a chip to the classic machine. The setting is three on three lines. The game features are expanded here.

The premium version will not leave anyone indifferent and will give the mood and vivid emotions. The gameplay is fascinating thanks to the bells and stars, sevens in various symbols. Combined with the thematic sound design, you get enjoyable gameplay, impressive and pleasing to every user. The bright video slot will be released in May 2021.

Amigo Bronze Classic

Most gamblers adore fruit slots. There are plenty of good reasons for this. They are:

  • generous winnings;
  • funny and amusing, which lifts your spirits;
  • easy to manage.

The list does not end there. It can go on and on. Fruit slots can be safely attributed to the timeless classics, which are always at the peak of popularity. These slots do not lose their appeal to users. And the Amigo Bronze Classic slot is no exception.

It impresses with bright and juicy fruit combinations and many special symbols that can increase winnings. There are a lot of features of the game. Here it is worth highlighting:

  1. unique bonuses when you win;
  2. bright plots;
  3. quality graphics and excellent sound.

Where to play Amigo Gaming Games?

Play exciting slots of the famous provider you can in the best, most reliable, and safe virtual gambling clubs. The range is sure to find this exciting and colorful online entertainment. Each slot is interesting. Each has its unique storyline. There are impressive graphics and sound design.

Amigo Gaming Casino Bonuses

The variety of bonuses in the online Amigo slots casino review is impressive. And everyone can make the right choice for themselves, learning more about each bonus. Get acquainted with this information at any time of the day or night you can find on the site. With a simple interface, you do not have to waste much time. Everything is successfully distributed in the appropriate categories.

Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is prevalent. You can get it when you register on the site, create an account, and deposit. Suppose you familiarize yourself with the bonus’s features, terms, and conditions. In that case, you can make the right decision for yourself and understand whether such a bonus benefits you. Most bonuses must be wagered. And this is where the wager plays a role. Knowing the coefficient, you can understand. How much money will have to be invested in getting the bonus.

Cashback bonus

Cashback bonuses are attractive for those who often lose. They act as an incentive for losers. By fulfilling all the conditions for obtaining such a bonus, everyone can get a part of the funds to the gaming account. Cashback is awarded for playing a specific slot or on certain days.

Possible different types of cashback bonuses at online casinos:

  1. Weekly cashback.
  2. On weekends.
  3. On the day.

In each case, their features are familiar in advance.

Possible different options for accrual of cashback bonus:

  1. Automatically.
  2. After a certain period.
  3. Based on the user’s request.

The first way is the most convenient and preferred by many users.

Free Spins

For various active actions, gamblers can get free spins. It is about free spins of the reels. Thus it is possible to increase the frequency and likelihood of occurrence on the screen of video slot prize chains, which are made up of colorful and unique characters. They are mixed during the reels’ rotation and collected in various combinations.

Reload bonus

The popular re-download bonus allows the player to get new opportunities by making subsequent deposits. The game is stimulated by the amount of money the user allocates to deposit into the game account. Reloading large amounts does not characterize bonuses. At the same time, there are relatively low requirements for obtaining such a bonus.

Evolution Gaming casino no deposit bonus

No-deposit bonuses are also popular among gamblers. For beginners, such bonuses and promotions Amigo casino are distributed in the format of a fixed amount or free spins to the bonus balance. The bonus amount does not depend on the size of the first deposit. Such bonuses are issued without a deposit. At the same time, such rewards are issued with a wager.

Mobile Compatibility of Amigo Gaming

All Amigo slots casino mobile slots are compatible with any mobile gadget. It is possible to play from a smartphone or tablet, or another mobile device on iOS or Android. The primary condition is access to the Internet in the place where the user is playing, as well as in the mobile gadget. All games in the mobile version are smooth, without freezing, and fast loading. They all have bright, unique, exciting stories, great graphics, and excellent sound.

Security and Licensing

There are many licenses and certificates. Reliability, honesty, and safety are guaranteed. You can choose any slot of the famous provider and play them bravely, ensuring you are guaranteed to get the reward in the currency and can Amigo casino withdraw convenient payment methods.

Strict confidentiality of all information about each gambler, thanks to SSL encryption, is guaranteed. The safety of funds is also guaranteed. Everyone can create a bankroll to ensure funds against possible losses.


To learn as much as possible about the popular provider and the game’s tricks in slots from famous developers, it is worth reading the frequently asked users’ questions. So you’ll expand your knowledge and be more confident to play online Amigo slots casino review, choosing the best slots well-known developer.

Is Amigo Gaming casino a legit casino?

Legal online casinos guarantee reliability, honesty, and safety. Here you can not be afraid of fraud. Here is guaranteed strict confidentiality of information about each user, thanks to SSL encryption. At any time of the day, without restrictions on access, you can choose any favorite slot from a wide range of online entertainment.

What payment methods are accepted at Amigo Gaming?

You can choose a convenient way to pay, having been acquainted in advance on the online casino’s website with the possible methods. Having studied the information about the conditions and features, rules, you can make a correct and informed decision. Possible:

  • bank transfers;
  • electronic wallets;
  • bitcoin.

And each method has its advantages and peculiarities. The time to transfer funds may also vary here.

Which bonuses can I expect at Amigo Gaming?

The variety of Amigo gaming bonuses is impressive and pleasing. Everyone will be able to make the right choice for themselves, the most profitable bonus. If you get acquainted with the information on the site about the possibilities, conditions and, rules, peculiarities of bonuses, you will be able to make the right decision. It can be cash back bonuses, welcome bonuses, or no-deposit bonuses. And the list does not end there.

What types of games can you play at Amigo Gaming?

In the online Amigo slots casino review you can choose the most interesting and exciting video slots of the famous developer. They all have bright, unique stories, great graphics, high-quality sound, and beautiful animation. And everyone gets a storm of vivid emotions and can choose according to their mood, taking into account their thematic preferences.

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