At we take anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing issues seriously. Our AML policy is designed in accordance with international standards and legal requirements to ensure the security and transparency of all financial transactions on our platform. This document describes the key elements of our AML policy and the measures we take to comply with them.

Obligations and Responsibilities

We undertake the following obligations:

  • Legal Compliance: Our activities are subject to relevant anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing laws and regulations.
  • Customer Identification: We implement Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures to verify the identity of our users and prevent our platform from being used for illegal activities.

Client identification and verification

  • KYC procedure: All new users are required to go through an identification procedure by providing relevant documents confirming their identity and age.
  • Ongoing Monitoring: We regularly check and update information about our users to ensure that it is current and accurate.
    Monitoring and reporting
  • Transaction Monitoring: We monitor all financial transactions on our platform to identify suspicious activity and anomalies. All transactions are verified against established criteria.
  • Reporting Suspicious Transactions: If we identify suspicious transactions, we are required to report them to the appropriate authorities and provide all necessary information for an investigation.

Employee training

  • Ongoing Training: All our employees undergo regular training on anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing issues. This includes training on how to identify suspicious activity and how to follow internal procedures.
  • Awareness: We ensure that all employees are aware of their roles and responsibilities under the AML policy.

Technological measures

  • Modern technologies: We use modern technologies and software to monitor transactions and identify suspicious activity.
  • Systems Update: Our systems and procedures are continually updated to meet the latest AML requirements and guidelines.

Cooperation with Regulatory Authorities

  • Liaison with Authorities: We work closely with regulators and law enforcement agencies to provide all necessary information and assistance in investigations.
  • Compliance with Standards: We adhere to all international and national anti-money laundering standards and requirements.

Data protection

  • Confidentiality: We ensure the confidentiality and security of all data related to customer identification and transaction monitoring.
  • Information Security: Strict security measures are in place to protect information from unauthorized access and leaks.


Our anti-money laundering policy at is aimed at ensuring the security and integrity of all transactions on our platform. We are committed to high standards and continually improving our procedures to protect our users and prevent illegal activities. If you have questions or require additional information about our AML policy, please contact our support team. We are always ready to help and provide the necessary clarifications.

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