• Competitive 92,52% payouts
  • Simple to play
  • Lots of free games
  • Mac, PC, & mobile friendly
Rated: 65%
Graphics: 80%
Gameplay: 75%
Bonuses: 70%
Value: 72%

Fascinating Stinkin Rich slot machine will not leave indifferent anyone who loves comedy and wants to have fun from the soul. Here the world of the poor is combined with comedy, and impressed by the original graphics in cartoon style.

Exciting and the theme of the game. The user gets into a mansion, which is funny. Because there live two skunks, they give the wealthy owners a lot of trouble by popping up and stinking out the joint. Stinkin Rich slot game will cheer up and bring a lot of fun to every user.

Of the features of the slot is worth noting:

  • impressive winnings;
  • fantastic additional features;
  • the presence of wild symbols to increase winning combinations by replacing symbols.

This list does not end there. It could go on for a long time.

Here we should highlight other significant components of the Stinkin Rich slot machine:

  • software of the famous developer IGT;
  • impressive jackpot, allowing the lucky owner to get rich right away;
  • a high RTP percentage of 92.52%.

These are not all essential characteristics of the Stinkin Rich casino game. There are many more. And every user who chooses this slot will get a storm of vivid emotions, cheer up and be able to win big awards in the currency for the victory, registering and betting for money.

Everyone who is gambling and brave, who wants to have a fun and exciting time at the casino online, be sure to get a storm of bright emotions, choosing to spend his time play Stinkin Rich slots online. He is the original storyline, characterized by high-quality sound and visual design. It has many prizes and surprises that are pleasant and profitable.

Where to play Stinkin Rich?

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Stinkin Rich Overview

Do not forget about the general characteristics of the online slot Cleopatra. After all, the Cleopatra slot online has a reasonably positive rating in various forums. In detail, you can get acquainted with the slot Cleopatra in the table below.

Stinkin Rich slot machines impress with their original storyline and many additional features that increase winnings. The slot features bright graphics and luxurious sound. Particular attention should be paid to some of the characteristics of the slot:

    • there are five cylinders.
    • one hundred pay lines.
    • the payout percentage is 93%.
    • quality, a high degree of reliability and security of the software. Here the software is from the famous developer IGT.
Payments in percentages93%

The list of essential features could go on and on. It is worth dwelling on the most useful and significant:

  1. Five coils.
  2. Five rows.
  3. There are autoplay options. As a result, each user can relax without interfering in the game, watching the movement of reels in automatic mode. They will stop whenever a prize combination appears on the screen of a video slot, which increases the winnings and adds free spins.
  4. 3D graphics will allow each player to get even more vivid impressions. You will be able to plunge into the fascinating world of gambling entertainment.
  5. The mobile version allows all fans to play on the go, and participate even more often in the pursuit of good luck, with a smartphone or other mobile gadget playing in the Stinkin Rich slot app, provided you have access to the Internet where you will play, as well as in your mobile device.
  6. The slot appeared in 2016, in April of the tenth month.
  7. The minimum Bet is one dollar.
  8. There is no maximum win here.
  9. The minimum Bet Line and Maximum Bet Line are absent.
  10. There are one hundred pay lines in the slot.
Autoplay Options
3D Graphics
Mobile Version
Release Date
Minimum Bet
Maximum Bet
Minimum Bet Line
Maximum Bet Line
Win Both Ways

It is also worth highlighting Stinkin Rich free slot is a high-volatility game and presence of many bonuses, among which are worth noting:

  • free spins;
  • wilds;
  • scatters.

These are not all the surprises that await the user in an exciting Stinkin Rich slot machine app. To win as often as possible, it is worth heeding some valuable tips:

  1. Knowing how to plan your budget correctly is essential. By spending money in online casinos within your budget, you will not despair or lose at some point.
  2. You need to be able to control your emotions. And if you are unlucky today and lose often, it is better to wait for the day when good luck will smile on you and reward you with victories and big winnings rather than trying to win back.
  3. Do not risk a lot of money to squander all in one rotation. Reducing the bet to the level you can get the maximum spins is better. The more spins you make, the higher the chances the bonus will be triggered. Accordingly, you can increase your winnings and withdraw more enormous rewards for victories.
  4. Often losing, you should always know when to quit the game. And if your budget is depleted, it’s time to do just that. Once you’ve made your last bet, there’s a good chance your bankroll will be completely drained. In the pursuit of wagering your losses, you will make bad decisions. As a result, you will lose even more. Therefore, it is essential to stick to your original plan, use an effective strategy, and be disciplined not to make ill-considered moves.

By sticking to these simple yet valuable recommendations, each user can increase their chances of making a substantial profit many times.

Stinkin Rich Demo

Stinkin Rich Pros & Cons

The popular, exciting, and fun Stinkin Rich slot machine free download features excellent content. Plenty of features here offer some great winnings that can be incredibly high in amount. There is an opportunity to get up to three hundred and twenty-five free spins. There is a stack of jokers on the reels. The slot machine is viral. There are a lot of advantages.

  • high RTP rate;
  • many betting options;
  • a vivid and unique story.

It’s hard to find flaws in a popular slot machine. But the advantages are more than enough. It is worth highlighting the most significant advantages:

  1. Thanks to the hundred winning lines, everyone can use a variety of options for betting. The options are more than enough.
  2. The game has exciting Stinkin Rich bonus rounds, which can multiply the winnings and add to the pleasure of the game, making it even more interesting and exciting.
  3. Thanks to the presence of wild symbols, you can get even more prize chains, which increase your winnings, or add a free spin bonus in Stinkin Rich reels to the game. The wild and scatter symbols can replace other icons to build a prize chain.

The list goes on and on for a long time. While playing Stinkin Rich free slot machine, you will be able to accept the offer to play a risky game, which you will receive. In this case, you must guess the card, which will immediately open.

To get free spins user will need to catch three scatters on the reels of the simulator. Everyone can try their luck by participating in the bonus round. You can spin the reels, have fun and withdraw large, generous rewards denominated in financial terms, choosing a convenient and safe payment method.

Possibilities Stinkin Rich slot game download is fantastic. There are two bonus rounds, and there is also a place for stacked jokers. Thus, the game becomes even more exciting and will give you absolute pleasure.

In the free spins round, you will find a lot of spins, which will powerfully increase the frequency and probability of new prize combinations. This means that each user has every chance to become the owner of many rewards for wins.

With multiple pay lines that can win simultaneously and significant winnings in the free spins round, this game has incredibly generous rewards for wins.

And everyone can dramatically change their lives for the better, replenishing their financial reserves significantly and withdrawing money quickly and conveniently, safely. Impresses design Stinkin Rich casino slots, both sound, and graphic.

Stinkin Rich Slot Features

Knowledge of game specs for IGT stinkin’ rich slots game will help you to play more confidently and win more often:

  1. Thanks to multipliers, it becomes possible to multiply winnings and receive generous rewards for victories.
  2. Scatters can replace other icons to create winning arrays.
  3. Wilds are the wild symbols in the game and replace the correct icon to assemble a prize chain that will increase winnings or add free spins to the game.
  4. Free spins are also present in the game.
  5. Stacked symbols are also present.
  6. In the presence of the slot are respins.
  7. Each user can participate in the game of chance by betting real money Stinkin Rich slot machine. As a result, each victory is guaranteed to accrue generous rewards in currency. For the withdrawal of funds, choose a convenient and safe payment method. To bet for money, you must register on the site and make a deposit.
  8. Restart is also possible in a fascinating and colorful slot, popular among users.
Wild Symbol
Free Spins
Stacked Symbols
Gamble Feature

Knowing the essential characteristics of Stinkin Rich slot review and the game features, each user can confirm in deciding on the choice of the slot for an exciting pastime. You will be able to get rich, often winning.

Well-known developer IGT approached the creation of the Stinkin Rich casino game nontrivial. This slot machine proves that not only the slots dedicated to romance or anyone can be famous. The theme of bad smells can also be original and bring popularity to the slot machine. Thanks to the simple gameplay and user-friendly interface. Even beginners can play for real money and often win in the Stinkin Rich slot no registration.

By clicking on the Line bet, you can change the bet size. There is no maximum or minimum. Possible three options per line:

  • one dollar;
  • two dollars;
  • three dollars.

And everyone can make the right choice for themselves. Due to the presence of a hundred pay lines, it becomes possible to form combinations using random number generators quickly.

In the storyline, Stinkin Rich free slot games user has to collect a prize combination. You can determine the number of active tracks by clicking the Lines button.

By selecting this slot, each user has a real opportunity to become the happy owner of a huge jackpot. In this case, you immediately get rich without straining physically, play Stinkin Rich slot machine game for fun online in your pleasure, betting for money.

The uniqueness of the Stinkin Rich slot game is the structure of the reels. Even though there are five disks, in most online emulators, this figure is three. In a fascinating slot, I successfully used bonus multipliers.

The free spins on the video slot screen may appear as the symbol of a garbage can. There are no risks; you will determine the prize and a multiplier bet. You will not lose. In addition, the slot has a lot of other unique icons. Here it is worth allocating:

  • egg;
  • shoe;
  • garlic;
  • cake.

There are other icons in Stinkin Rich slots free. The wild symbol here is a skunk. He falls significantly often if the game involves all 100 lines.

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For anyone who will play Stinkin Rich slots free, it is worth reading the answers to the frequently asked questions. This will help everyone to play more confidently and correctly use practical tools for frequent victories.

What is a Stinkin Rich slot machine?

A unique video slot developed by the famous provider IGT allows users to play only for real money. A fascinating slot with five reels and many pay lines in one hundred will not disappoint anyone, as the wild symbol is a skunk. The game has many bonus features; you can count on generous winnings.

What are the odds of Stinkin Rich?

Here the odds of winning are high. And everyone can get rich quickly, often winning and withdrawing generous rewards in a currency-convenient way. It is essential to learn the rules and familiarize yourself with the characteristics and features of the stinkin rich slot game. So you can play with confidence and often win.

How do you play Stinkin Rich slot machine?

To start the Stinkin Rich slot machine, you can use the start button if you are going to control the process or auto if you want to watch what is happening on the video slot screen. In automatic mode, the reels will rotate until the appearance of prize combinations that will increase your winnings or complete the game with free spins. Then the reels will continue spinning.

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