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Privacy Policy (“us,” “we,” “”) values the privacy of all its users (“you,” ”visitors,” “users”). Our privacy policy is here to elaborate on all our information practices.

This privacy policy page describes the ways in which we handle and protect the information as well as the personal data of all our visitors. The way we look after the data provided by our visitors allows us to manage and improve your experience with This website determines the purposes and means of processing private data, and we consider our data collection and protection policy to be a top priority. website provides its users with exclusive information that follows the major guidelines of ethical, accurate, and objective online journalism.

We kindly advise you to read the full privacy policy and look into our practices and efforts regarding our digital services and your personal data. You will learn how we keep your data safe and what we do with it.

1. Use of Personal Information is solely responsible for the collection of user data and the enforcement of our privacy policy. When you visit, you will not be required to register. You can access the content on the website, and you will not be obliged to submit any personal data or private details.

We utilize all of our users’ personal information according to the data protection laws of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

2. Registration and Email Newsletters

Our users can subscribe to our email newsletter. To do this, you need to provide us with your contact details, including your name, email address, and in some cases, demographic information. We might ask for your date of birth, location data, IP address, age, gender, etc. Our newsletter will update our users about the services we offer and our newest content. During registration, we may also ask for the same personal details.

When users provide personal details, they consent to the data use and collection methods outlined on this page. Thus, if you register an account on this website, will have permission to store your personal data provided during the registration process. Furthermore, each user can access, remove, or update the data entered into their profile. However, they will not be allowed to modify their username. In some cases, the website administrators may be permitted to view those details.

The methods which we use to process and utilize the information when you subscribe to the newsletter and when you register are identical.

Any subscriber to the newsletter can unsubscribe at any time using the instructions provided at the bottom of the email newsletter. If you choose to unsubscribe, your email address will be removed from our mailing list, and you will no longer receive the newsletters.

3. Communication and Interaction With offers certain features through which users can submit their information. Some of these include but are not limited to contact forms, requests for information, help, or support, etc.

Contact Requests

In case of a support or information request, we could pass your specific inquiry on to ensure that it will be answered by the staff members who are best suited to respond to it.

We may save your email address to respond to your request. However, we will not use the address provided in the request to send you marketing materials. In case of letters to the editorial team or similar submissions, we have permission to publish them publicly.

To aid us in serving our visitors better, we can store the content of emails or any other details users have provided to us. Thus, we can utilize it for internal administrative purposes and offer the best user experience and better service.

Comment Policy

In some cases, users might be able to leave comments on our pages.

When users post their comments, we will store the details entered in the comment box. Such details include the text and metadata. Plus, our site will store the IP address of the user. The purpose of this is to aid us in spam detection and provide only legitimate, genuine content.

If it’s necessary, we may enter the comment details into an automated service in order to detect spam. Our staff can approve comments before they get posted, and after that, the comments will remain on the website indefinitely.


During the registration process, you could be allowed to upload images and use them as profile pictures. In this instance, all users must be aware that their image files will store location data such as EXIF or GPS tags.

We strongly advise you to remove this data from your files as we cannot modify it. If you do not remove the location information from your media, any user may be able to store your files on their device and get access to your location.

4. Cookie Policy

When visitors access, our website might gather some personal information in the form of cookies.

What Are Cookies?

When you use our page, you can agree to save cookies. Thus, you will allow us to utilize cookies and other methods or technologies of web analysis. These methods can collect, save, and track some of your details when you access and engage with our content.

Cookies are generated for the convenience of our users, and they serve to improve your experience. When you agree to save cookies, you essentially allow text files to be saved on your device through your browser. These text files will then store your preferences to create a user-friendly experience.

Use of Cookies

Our use of cookies and other tracking technologies allows us to enhance and personalize our content, services, offerings, and advertisements.

Furthermore, when you provide your personal information to us, we will use cookies for your benefit. Namely, you will not have to re-enter your details or select your preferences when you return to our website.

You are allowed to browse our content without cookies, but it may affect the quality of our services. You may also remove the cookies from your device at any time in your browser data.

Cookie Storage

Some cookies are automatically stored on your device and can remain there for a certain period of time.

Our website can use “session” cookies, which will only last during your visit to and will be deleted when your visit ends. Additionally, the website can add a temporary cookie in your browser in case you wish to log in. The purpose of this cookie is to test if your browser can accept cookies. This type of cookie gets removed when you close your internet browser.

On the other hand, we utilize “permanent” cookies to recognize users when they return to our website. With permanent cookies, our website may save your preferences, for example, login details, display settings, etc. That way, you will not have to enter them again, and our pages will load faster. These cookies will be deleted after a certain period of time, depending on your browser settings.

5. Security

Use of Safety Measures

The security of all visitors is of top priority to Thus, we use a variety of electronic, physical, and administrative methods to keep sensitive data secure and protect you from potential risks of misuse or threats.

The website employs a data encryption system of the highest standard. It is used to keep data anonymous and protect it. Internal security protocols and the newest SSL encryption methods guarantee the safety of personal data. Additionally, some authorized personnel among our staff might be allowed to inspect your data. However, they are contractually obligated never to reveal any user information. Therefore, your data is strictly confidential. Furthermore, we strive to frequently audit and test the effectiveness of the previously mentioned security measures.

If a data breach occurs, our website will place all activities on hold. All users who have provided sensitive information will be informed as soon as possible. Then, the users will be allowed to make a request and have all their private data removed from

Users’ Rights and Data Sending

You may request to obtain a copy of all the data our website has saved from you or that you have sent to us. The copy may be sent in a single file. Unfortunately, we cannot remove some data that our services have stored for administrative, security, or legal purposes.

Our website does not use automated profiling and/or decision making regarding personal data, and the data of our visitors is only utilized to improve our content.

Unfortunately, there could be cases when even the strongest security measures may not be able to protect you from risks. That is why it is the user’s responsibility to ensure that their password remains confidential and that their personal details are kept private. If you suspect that an authorized individual has accessed your account, you must contact us as soon as possible.

Releasing Data to Third Parties does not share, trade, or sell personal data to third parties. However, if it is required by law, regulations, subpoenas, or warrants, we might have to share the data.

If a law enforcement agency or regulatory body requests the details for security reasons, we are obliged by law to send them. In the case of suspected fraud or illegal activities, we strongly believe it is appropriate to cooperate and/or share personal data with the authorities. In some cases, we may disclose the details if we deem it necessary for the protection of our company, services, and customers.

News Reporting may gather personal data for the purpose of news reporting, opinion polls, as well as related research and analysis. This privacy policy page does not cover any of those types of use.

Links and Third-Party Content

The pages on this website may host links to other websites. is not to be held responsible for the privacy measures, policies, and content of any of those websites.

The same is also valid for embedded content in the form of photos or videos. This type of content may originate from other websites. The embedded content utilizes the privacy policies of the websites it originates from, and those pages may have permission to store or track your data.

Thus, we encourage all our visitors to get familiar with the privacy policies of those third-party websites. We cannot control the privacy policies of other pages and the way in which they store, track, or share personal data.

Updates to This Privacy Policy has permission to change or modify this privacy policy in order to improve its effectiveness.

In the event of updates, we will notify all users, and the notification will be shown at the top of this page. Those who are subscribed to the newsletter and registered users could also receive a notification via email.

We want our users to be aware of the data we collect, how we utilize it and why. All users are encouraged to frequently check our privacy policy to stay informed of any changes. Plus, we strongly advise you to get familiar with our “Terms of Conditions” page.


For any inquiries regarding the privacy policy, you can contact our privacy policy coordinators at: [email protected]

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