The world of entertainment is very diverse. The gaming industry offers a dizzying array of games that can satisfy even the most demanding player. But the latter always looks for something new and unique, bringing them a bright and incomparable experience.

Taste the actual game, and feeling in a real casino will help you play a unique live double ball roulette game. Its difference from other types of live roulette is using two balls, which doubles the chances of winning. The convenience and fun of this game have made it popular with players worldwide.

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Live Double Ball Roulette Game Overview

You should play live double ball roulette online to feel like you are in a real casino. This game uses a special wheel to get two balls at once. This is done using a special mechanism, which the dealer controls. The latter, if necessary, will help the player understand the game’s rules.

So that players who play live double ball roulette do not feel the language barrier, the game uses different languages. In addition, the game has other advantages:

  • convenience. This online entertainment is available on desktop computers and mobile devices from anywhere in the world. But the most vivid visual impressions can be obtained if you play from a desktop computer. The large screen will allow you to see all the details, consider the croupier, the gambling table, and the wheel;
  • safety is a legal product, as the Gambling Control Commission licenses this company’s gambling games. Therefore, players can be sure that their rights will not be violated;
  • the ability to view the history of the game;
  • instant payment of winnings, so the percentage of trust in the game is relatively high.

In this review, you can learn comprehensive information about two-ball roulette. This live double ball roulette review will detail the rules and features of the game, its advantages and disadvantages, types of bets, prizes, and jackpots.

Various Double Ball Roulette roulette bets

This game involves internal and external bets. Inside bets are very similar to traditional bets, where a bet is placed on a number inside the table. An outside bet, or outside bet in double ball roulette live, means the player bets on both balls. These bets are also called golden bets, as there is much more to be won here than single-ball bets. Players can also bet on both the wheel and the playing field.

By betting on two balls, there is a chance of a big win at a ratio of three hundred to one. At the same time, betting on two balls reduces the chance of winning but significantly increases the payout. Size bets also vary. They can be from one to eight hundred dollars in a double ball roulette casino.

Bonuses & jackpots

The goal of any game of chance is to win. Every player, sooner or later, wants to make a real bet in the hope of winning big money. If you decide to play double ball roulette real money, then use all the prize opportunities that the gambling establishment provides:

  • welcome gifts. Gets newbies for registering on the site;
  • free chips. They can be obtained by the player for playing activity, for participation in the loyalty program, crediting the account;
  • additional multiplier. Allows you to increase the chances of getting a big win. After activating the multiplier, the payment can be multiplied by this coefficient if the bet plays.

Use all the bonuses you can to get more success. The main thing is to approach it wisely and not to waste it.


Each game has its inherent features. The main feature of double ball roulette live is that it creates the atmosphere of an actual gambling establishment.

Even though the game occurs in video mode, the player does not feel the difference between real and virtual games. This is due to the following factors:

  • excellent broadcast quality. You can follow everything happening on the other side of the screen without any problems;
  • the virtual studio is equipped with several cameras, but after the game starts, the image is fixed on the wheel itself;
  • the participant of the game can change the camera angle manually by clicking on the camera icon;
  • possibility of communication with croupiers and other participants in online chat;
  • the absence of extraneous sounds allows players to hear everything that tells live dealer double ball roulette, which, if necessary, can help sort out the game’s rules.

Thanks to a flawless video chat, all who play double ball roulette online will get only good emotions and a bright and unforgettable experience.

How to Play Live Double Ball Roulette

You must choose a licensed gambling establishment and follow the instructions to start the game. The gambling process includes the following steps:

  • it is necessary to wait for the time when you can make bets. An invitation to bet in double ball roulette in live casinos is the inscription “space for your bet”;
  • the player is given a few types of chips, which differ in value. They can move them to the correct sector with the mouse. If you do not have time to make a bet in the specified period, you have to wait for the start of the next round;
  • then the croupier launches both balls, and the player has to guess which sector they will stop in.

If the bet is played, the odds table credits the user with a double ball roulette payout. We will discuss it in detail in one of the following review sections.

Live Double Ball Roulette Rules

The gameplay of the double ball roulette casino is almost no different from the classic version. The same rules and conditions are used but with a slight correction for the number of balls. Here are some crucial differences:

  • the player can bet on one ball and receive payouts, as in the usual version of this popular game;
  • also available is a bet on two balls. To win, you need to predict the outcome of two events. In this case, you can increase the initial amount by three hundred times;
  • prize multipliers can also be used, which increases the payout by a factor of two.

It is recommended to read carefully the rules on each entertainment site to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future.

Double Ball Roulette Odds & Payouts

This type of classic gambling game uses the same rules and options for calculating winnings. But live double ball roulette odds are calculated, considering the increased number of balls. Here are examples of odds for the most popular bets, which may differ on different entertainment sites:

  • a specific number. If you bet on one of the thirty-six numbers and your bet plays, it will increase seventeen times;
  • red or black. If you win, the user gets three-quarters of the bet amount. The same coefficient is valid for even and odd numbers;
  • zero or double zero. In this case, the double ball roulette payout differs from the classic version. The gambler gets the same amount that he bet on the stake.

Note that each table may have its unique conditions. Be sure to familiarize yourself with them before starting the gamble.

Why you Should Play Live Double Ball Roulette

Roulette is a classic casino game that fascinates people of all skill levels, from beginners to experienced players. Its universal appeal lies in its qualities:

  • the simplicity of roulette is one of its main attractions. The rules are simple, making the game accessible to everyone, regardless of experience or skill level. Players can play double ball roulette real money by betting on a number, a group of numbers, or a color and then waiting for the roulette ball to determine the result;
  • the versatility of roulette also contributes to its wide popularity. It offers many betting options, allowing players to select betting strategies depending on their risk tolerance and desired payouts. For example, betting on a single number offers a high payout but low odds of winning, while betting on red or black offers a lower payout but higher odds of winning;
  • the sociability of roulette adds another layer of fun. In a live casino, roulette is often a social event: players who intend to play double ball roulette online gather around the table, cheering each other on and sharing the excitement of the game;
  • the thrill and excitement of playing roulette are undeniable. The moment when the roulette wheel slows down and the ball falls into the pocket is filled with tension and is the game’s climax.

Finally, roulette’s high payout potential is attractive to players of all skill levels. With the right luck and betting strategy, players can walk away with significant winnings.

Our Verdict of Live Double Ball Roulette

This entertainment deserves your attention because it allows you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of an actual gambling establishment. Also, the advantage is a large variety of bets. It is possible to receive huge payments if the balls fall on the number you have in mind.

Our live double ball roulette review was helpful for you, and you have received the most up-to-date information about this fascinating game. Visit your favorite entertainment portal and enjoy the excellent gameplay. Do not forget to play double ball roulette free, where you can practice for free.

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Where to play Live Double Ball roulette for real money?

Choosing a suitable entertainment platform is necessary to make real bets and win big. Such content is available in the catalogs of most sites with a good reputation

What is the best Live Double Ball roulette strategy?

It all depends on the player’s preferences and his financial capabilities. Large payouts should bet on specific numbers. And for more relaxed gameplay with a high probability of winning, it is recommended to bet on red or black.

How to beat Live Double Ball roulette?

The results of the game are random. Players have no way of predicting in which cell the balls will fall. One can only guess and rely on luck by betting on different events.

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