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21 October

Oregon Betting App Accepts $500K in Wagers

October 21, 2019

Four days of operation, over 16,500 registered accounts, and more than $500,000 in wagers later, Oregon sports betting app Scoreboard is taking the state by storm.

Oregonians have been expecting the app since late August. However, after failing to pass the first round of testing, the Oregon Lottery (OL) pushed for an October release of Scoreboard. The app saw the light of day on October 16.

The OL reported over the weekend that more than half a million in bets was placed in four days of Scoreboard’s operation, revealing that residents registered 800 new accounts on Sunday alone.

The long-anticipated launch of the app didn’t go off without a hitch though.

Users reported encountering issues with the registration process, including email verification malfunction. The OL quickly acknowledged the problems, explaining that “with so many folks jumping on the registration pages, performance bogged down (as you might expect).”

After several hours, the Lottery managed to resolve the issue.

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