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10 July

Gambling Machine Developer Sues Operator for Running Illegal Games

July 10, 2019
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The developer of gambling machines Pace-O-Matic has submitted a lawsuit against 3C Amusements for offering illegal gambling devices, reports Pennsylvania news outlet WJAC.

In a released statement, Pace-O-Matic stated that the Johnstown-based 3C Amusements was operating devices which were deemed illegal under Pennsylvania law.

The venue’s owner Steve Csehoski stressed that the gambling equipment met the standards set by the law and the court ruling.

In June, state lawmakers, led by Sen. Tommy Tomlinson, proposed legislation to prohibit “game of skill” machines. Tomlinson commented that he was “concerned” by the negative impact these gambling devices might exert on players.

Senate Bill 710, aimed at amending the gambling laws to outlaw the machines, reached the Pennsylvania Senate on Tuesday. It remains to be seen whether it would receive an overwhelming support.

The Pace-O-Matic ‘Pennsylvania Skill’ games have been under scrutiny as well, with opponents stating that their name insinuates that they are state-approved machines.

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