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14 November

Connecticut Resident Wins $21M

November 14, 2019
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A Connecticut resident has 21 million reasons to look forward to the future after claiming the top prize on Tuesday.

William McLaughlin purchased a $1 ticket at a local store in Danbury early November. Little did he know that the small investment would bring him an eight-figure payout.

McLaughlin accepted the money at the headquarters of the Connecticut Lottery, agreeing to receive a lump sum of $21.3 million. Had he accepted an annuity payment, he would have received $25.8 million in the course of 21 years.

The lucky winner didn’t want to be included in the lottery’s Winner Stories, declining to recount the steps which brought him to buy the winning ticket.

The Connecticut Lottery has revealed that the chance of buying a winning ticket is 1 in 39.3.

Stop & Shop, the store in which William bought the ticket, is set to receive $10,000 in commissions. 

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