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Sportsbook Casino has managed to stay on the online gambling scene despite their turbulent history. Here we will give you our objective opinion about this gambling and sports betting site.

Sportsbook Casino Review

Sportsbook Casino had appeared at the time when the online gambling scene was still in its cradle. They have managed to remain on the scene since 1996 although this gambling and sports betting site had a pretty turbulent history. In the beginning, they went by the name Players Only, but the owner decided to change the name into Sportsbook in 1998, and they first operated as a betting site. In 2006, however, they changed their jurisdiction to Antigua and Barbuda to escape the implementation of the UIGEA law passed in America that year.

It seems that they were a reputable RTG-powered gambling site up to that moment. Unfortunately, everything started going downhill, and they have received numerous complaints from players concerning delayed or overdue payouts as well as denied cashouts. When they changed the name, they also changed their software provider, and since then, they have relied on BetSoft services. Nowadays, this site offers casino games besides the option of betting on various sports.

Sleek and Modern-Looking Site

People at Sportsbook Casino certainly know how important your first impression is. You can see that the moment you land on their homepage. Everything looks crisp and fresh, the colors are vivid but not overwhelming.

The layout of the opening page really makes it easy for visitors to get around the site and find what they are looking for. The center of the page is reserved for sports betting odds, and if you look to the left, you’ll find a vast selection of sports you can bet on along with betting options they offer. The right side shows important info about how to use Bitcoin and what bonuses you can get for using it. If you need help choosing the right bet, you’ll also find betting tools here.

You can find their entire offer divided into categories in the navigation bar, and you’ll see that poker is separated from other casino games. If you are here to bet on sports, you can choose live betting, regular betting, or horse races to put your money on.

Sportsbook 1We have to warn the first-time visitors to Sportsbook Casino that they will need a Sportsbook account not only to play but also to get some important information like bonus requirements. They tend to be secretive about basic things that are usually transparent at other gambling sites, and that may raise numerous suspicions.

Overwhelmingly Wordy and Confusing Terms and Conditions

Do you think that this heading is unnecessarily wordy? Then you have to check out Sportsbook Casino’s Terms and Conditions section.

We spent some time reading these thoroughly because it is crucial for you to know the house rules before investing real money at an online casino. We had a hard time studying T&C because they were written in such a baffling way that it seems like the casino wanted to confuse and mislead players deliberately.

It is understandable that when you have such a wide offer of different things to bet on, you have to be detailed. But this is the first time that someone explained the terms in details and still left so many things unclear. One thing that was crystal clear from the start, though, was that they are pretty restrictive towards their customers.

We are going to show you the example of a clumsily explained bonus term that we needed to read a couple of times before we managed to decipher it. In the end, we realized that this is a pretty common warning that you mustn’t use real money for games offered for bonus money.

The term that we found the most annoying was the one explaining the casino reserves the right to close your account whenever they see fit. In other words, they can delete your account whenever the casino thinks you have breached some of the terms, and you won’t have a say in this.

Now, let’s take a look at a vast offer of sports you can bet on and games you can play at Sportsbook Casino.

Casino Rating

Summary: 5.0
Trust and Fairness: 4.0
Bonuses: 6.0
Customer Support: 2.0
Games: 6.0
Payout Speed: 4.0

T&Cs Analysis

At the beginning of this review, we said that you could find all the sports and other events you want to bet on here. They really made a serious effort and offered something outside the standard offer of NFL, NHL, or NBA games to bet on. You will be happy to find tennis, motor racing, or Tour de France at your disposal. Thinking outside the box is always a thing to praise, so it’s a great thing that they have included some sports that aren’t hugely popular.

There are also some other events that you can place your money on, like who you think will win the 2020 American presidential elections or which American party will win. They provide different wagering options as well so that you can choose the one that best suits your betting style.

We were thrilled when we saw some of the hugely popular e-games like League of Legends,

Counterstrike, or Dota 2, and we hope that this list will expand in time. It’s great when some online gambling establishment seriously considers the market demand and tries to keep up with new trends in gambling and betting.

If you are a fan of live betting, you will find a decent rage of sports to bet on here including soccer, cricket, tennis, MLB, and WNBA.

Games and Providers

As we have already mentioned, Sportsbook Casino operators decided to switch from RTG to BetSoft games. This means that you’ll find an entertaining bunch of both progressive jackpot games and non-progressive ones. On the other hand, there was a serious issue when both BetSoft and the casino refused to pay out a huge amount of money to a player who had hit the progressive jackpot.

They justified this criminal act by the fact that the progressive jackpot hit the reels during the free spins round and that’s what makes it invalid. Of course, this is a ridiculous rule that was added to terms after the whole scandal occurred. This is a reason enough to warn you to stay away from progressive jackpot slots and to play with money you can afford to lose.

There are also Video Poker games, Table games, Blackjack games, and Specialty games you can play if you’re not crazy about slots. The total number of games that you can play instantly on the site is 125. Sportsbook also has a mobile gaming option so that you can take your favorite games with you wherever you go. As we have managed to find out, the mobile casino is available for Windows and Blackberry mobile devices.

Various Poker Options

Merge supports this gambling site’s poker games. We would have gladly recommended them a few years ago, but somehow, they managed to mess things up by allowing numerous startups to use their network. When these startups went out of business, they took Merge’s funds with them.

This resulted in a sharp decrease in traffic, and you cannot have successful poker rooms if you don’t have enough people to sit at the table. However, this is not necessarily a negative thing because the competition may not be tough, and it can prove to be a good thing for poker beginners and people that play for fun.

Here you can take your seat at:

No-limit Hold’em

Pot-limit Omaha

Fixed-limit Hold’em

Limit hi-lo Omaha

Financial Information

This may be the worst thing about Sportsbook Casino. It seems that they used to offer various standard paying methods in their early days. However, they turned entirely to Bitcoin, and now the only way of depositing and withdrawing money at this online sports betting and gambling site is Bitcoin.

They say you can deposit money here using your credit cards, but this service is limited to invitation-only customers.



Max deposit: $2,000



Minimum cashout: $50

Maximum cashout: $5,000

Weekly max cashout: $100,000

While we have already said that promoting Bitcoin is great, our opinion remains that you can only make your business flourish by offering a variety of options. This means you have to offer various methods that people can use to deposit or withdraw money. In addition to this, they seem to be keeping the withdrawal time a top secret. As we couldn’t find anything about this on the site, we turned to reliable sources. We finally discovered that you would have to wait from 7 to 10 days to get your money.


When you register an account on this gambling/betting site, you will get a 20% match bonus provided you place at least $50 as a deposit. This deposit can go up to $10,000 for Bitcoin users. You see, Sportsbook Casino has focused on promoting Bitcoin as the main deposit option although they say they allow using various credit cards for depositing, we are afraid that this is valid only on paper.

We think it is a great thing to promote cryptocurrencies because we believe they hold vast potential; on the other hand, we also believe that you simply have to offer a variety of payment methods to attract customers.

Let’s go back to the welcome bonus. The maximum bonus amount you can get is $2,000, but the problem is that the max cash out is $500 once you play through the wagering requirements which range from 5 times the bonus for horse racing to 35 times when you play casino games. The wagering requirement for using this bonus for betting on various sports events is 20 times the bonus. You should also know that playing craps or roulette won’t count toward wagering requirements.

Spin to Win Friday

You will get the chance to win $500 if you deposit $50 in the slots tournament every Friday. You need to spin the reels 50 times to claim this bonus.

Poker Bonus

You will get a 100% match the first time you place a deposit to play a poker game. You can not find anything that says how much can you win in total. The requirement you have to fulfill to get your money is that you have to acquire 200 player points for every dollar of your bonus money. Once you collect $20, this amount will land on your account.

Customer Support

This is the craziest thing we have encountered on our tour around Sportsbook Casino. In 2019, being available only through e-mail is simply ridiculous. There is no phone line you can use to get answers, let alone Live Chat.

This wasn’t the end of our bitter experience nor the worst thing about customer service at this site. When we clicked the button to open an e-mail form, nothing happened. Simply put, there is no way you can reach their customer support and solve any issue you may have.


However sleek and appealing Sportsbook Casino may have seemed at first sight, there were too many red flags along the way. First of all, numerous important facts are kept under the veil of mystery. Furthermore, the T&C section is full of confusing sentences that a regular player can hardly understand. The payment options are scarce.

Their sportsbook offer may be the only attractive thing here since they went above and beyond and even included e-sports.

Unfortunately, the casino and poker rooms don’t follow the excellent example of the sportsbook section. Their games offer is quite modest, and there are some issues with bonuses that cast a dark shadow over this online casino.

If you have a choice, and there is always a choice, you should avoid Sportsbook Casino.

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