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Welcome Bonus
4,000 for all games except for the progressive ones, for a deposit up to $1,000

Casino Overview

Is the gambling experience offered by Slot Madness Casino truly mad — and is it crazy in a good way, or bad? Take a look at our in-depth Slot Madness Casino review to find out!

Slot Madness Casino Review

Slot Madness Casino is an online casino establishment which opened its virtual doors back in 2009. Primarily, the casino targets players in the United States and Canada. Unfortunately, this establishment has not garnered a stellar reputation over the previous decade. In fact, saying so would be an understatement. RealTime Gaming provided the casino with games from 2009 to 2013. Since then, the casino has offered games made by a different software provider, NuWorks; costing itself a sizable part of its player base in the process.

However, changing to a different game provider is not the only problem this casino has faced. From bad customer service to uncertain terms and conditions, there are plenty of reasons to think twice about playing here. Indeed, it’s checkered past is riddled with all kinds of issues and turbulence, which we will get into shortly.

Is Slot Madness to Be Trusted?

As we’ve mentioned before — Slot Madness hasn’t conducted their business in a way that instills trust and confidence in players. Unfortunately, that has been one of the rare constants in the ten years they’ve spent on the online gaming scene. From the very start, they’ve had a questionable reputation, which stemmed partly from their sister casinos and affiliates. At first, the casino was part of the Ace Revenue affiliate program. This is not a good sign, as most of their casinos are known for numerous payout issues, and questionable customer support.

After the death of Ace Revenue’s head Warren Cloud, their casinos merged with the equally notorious Virtual Casino group. All of this background information doesn’t bode well for the reputation of Slot Madness. It casts a shadow of doubt even before we get into the minutiae of the way they operate. After all, a casino can only have so many dubious connections before you start questioning its integrity.

Casino Review Slot Madness 1On top of all this — Slot Madness Casino does not state its jurisdiction anywhere on its website. An unclear legal status is a red flag for any potential players. However, we have found information that, as most Ace Revenue casinos, Slot Madness was registered in Costa Rica. This does not instill confidence either. Costa Rica does not have a specific gambling permit and has no regulatory body for gaming specifically. Instead, the online casinos operating from this jurisdiction only have a general business license. Bear this in mind, if you decide to deposit money at this casino.

First Impressions

Putting their business conduct aside for the moment — what does the experience of visiting Slot Madness look like in reality? From the first glance at the homepage, it’s clear they’ve decided to commit to the slot games theme. This isn’t strange, bearing in mind where the establishment draws its name from. The homepage is riddled with classic slot icons, such as different fruits and bells. Unfortunately, the casino hasn’t put much effort into making a clear-cut, sleek website.

First of all, the homepage is peppered with all kinds of flashy graphics containing info on promotions. But this information isn’t concise, or easily navigable. And the same sort of clunky design is persistent through the entirety of the website. Unfortunately, this makes for an aggressively mediocre user experience. Obviously, the fact that the casino wants to draw attention to their different promotions and bonuses is understandable. But the execution of this intent is so weak that it distracts from whatever the casino is offering.

Plus, the slots graphical theme is really only present on the home page. Once you go further into the website, things become progressively worse. As far as the theme is concerned, you will only encounter a generic orange background. And a few random casino-related graphical elements on top. All in all, the user experience of the website itself is barely satisfactory.

Casino Rating

Summary: 4.0
Trust and Fairness: 4.0
Bonuses: 6.0
Customer Support: 4.0
Games: 6.0
Payout Speed: 2.0

T&Cs Analysis

Certainly, many of the conditions the casino has listed are usual for the online gambling industry. Nevertheless, there are quite a few dubious clauses still — hence why we’ve prepared an analysis of the terms and conditions for potential players.

First of all, the casino bans players who use ‘low-risk strategies’ in order to claim promotions. The wording here is muddled, seeing as these strategies aren’t defined anywhere. Which leaves them completely open to interpretation from the casino management. Once again, this gives them great leeway in deciding whose account balance they will confiscate.

Secondly, the casino may close a player’s account based on the way the player has acted in other online casinos. In general circumstances, this would not be a big issue — any casino would take care to avoid known cheaters. But considering the other questionable criteria for closing accounts, this becomes a dubious clause as well. For example, this casino may ban a player for using undefined ‘low-risk strategies’ in another casino.

There’s also another little detail, a signal, telling us that these T&Cs were mindlessly copied from another site without any checks. It’s the “h” clause, which literally tells us that the player’s balance will be confiscated if “The Player is conscious of the fact that they might lose money using this software.” This is just ridiculous. Another evidence is that they refer to clauses “from I to X,” while the list in question is in letters and not in Roman numbers.

Next, we come to a concerning condition regarding player privacy. In a curious term, the casino combats players’ ‘untrue and/or malicious’ public comments about the casino. If they deem someone’s comments as such, they may circulate their personal information to a variety of entities. Obviously, this disregard for the privacy of personal information is bad enough. But the fact that the casino alone decides what comments are ‘malicious’ is even worse.

This term is also quite dubious. The casino lists no criteria by which they determine any given player is a professional. In other words, this means they can proclaim anyone as a professional, and void their winnings — at their absolute discretion.

The part of the terms and conditions which pertains to rules on no-deposit bonuses also contains some worrying clauses. For example — this one seems specifically designed to make wagering requirements actually higher than advertised. Let’s say that a non-deposit bonus is valid for more than one game, and a casino member plays multiple different games. If the games have different wagering requirements, the highest one will be applied to all games before cashout.

This clause has no other logical intent, except to make it harder for players to cash out the bonuses. In normal circumstances, the bets would be counted separately for each game, and advertised wagering requirements would be applied for each one, respectively.

Here we have another questionable term in the no-deposit bonuses section. Normally, if a game is not allowed, the casino would make it practically unavailable to their players. Also, they could make that specific bet, for the unallowed game, void — but definitely not all of the winnings. But, it seems this claim contains intentionally vague phrasing.

From the way this term is formulated, there is no way of telling if this means the winnings from the specific bet, or the entire bonus session. Once more, the casino gives itself considerable freedom in voiding player winnings for questionable reasons, at best.

Unfortunately, the section on deposit bonuses contains no fewer suspect terms than the previous ones. For example, in this term, they define that the winnings on a prohibited game are void — even when the wagering requirement has been met. Again, if a game is restricted — it should be made clear to players by making it inaccessible.

These terms were clearly designed to encourage players to bet with the bonuses in mind; without the casino actually coming through with the promotions. In any reputable gambling establishment, the player would have no issues with bonuses once the listed wagering requirement has been met.

Lastly, we arrive at the casino’s biggest issue — their payout policies. As seen above, the payout policy in the Slot Madness FAQ section clearly states that the minimum withdrawal amount for all methods is $100.

And yet, once you take a closer look at their terms and conditions — you will see that this is actually completely false. Even their own example in this clause clearly highlights that. It shows that, in fact, you cannot simply withdraw a sum that is twice the size of the alleged minimum withdrawal amount. And as you’ll see in our section on Slot Madness’ customer support; even once all of their requirements are met, payments can be delayed for months or even indefinitely.

Games and Providers

As we’ve previously stated, Slot Madness used to offer games provided by RTG. However, since 2013 they’ve switched to another game provider — NuWorks. Generally, RealTime Gaming is regarded as a more reputable software provider. Because of this switch, Slot Madness’ player base has undoubtedly taken a hit.

Casino Review Slot Madness 2But what games does the casino currently have in store for its players? Slot Madness offers presently more than 130 casino games, 80 of which are the eponymous online slots. Among these, you’ll find six progressive slots, such as African Skies, Watch Dogs, or Monster Millions. Though this selection is numerous enough; you’ll find that the graphics and the sound design for a great majority of the slots are extremely basic. Especially compared to some of the classic RTG slots, the visual design leaves much to be desired.

A decently diverse selection of slots isn’t the only thing Slot Madness has in their repertoire. Apart from that, the casino offers a small variety of 6 table games. This is something lovers of Blackjack, Baccarat, and Texas Hold’Em will appreciate to some degree. Though, the casino doesn’t offer many options to gamblers who prefer such table games. Only the base versions of these games are available. Ironically, the look and feel of the table games are much more visually appealing than their online slots.

Lastly, their offering of video poker games isn’t too thrilling either, with only three games: Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, and Joker Poker. While this is better than having no video poker options at all; the offer is still quite limited. Finally, we’ve got the specialty games section — which contains only Keno.

As you can see, the selection of games this casino offers may leave many wanting more. Certainly, the casino’s name makes their focus on slots clear from the get-go. On the other hand, their slots selection isn’t quite dazzling. And certainly not enough to excuse such a skinny selection of other games. But there’s a silver lining. For those who want to take their casino experience wherever they’re going, Slot Madness offers compatibility with Android and iOS devices. Plus, you don’t have to download the casino app on your computer to play most of the games. There are many which support instant play through the browser.

Financial Information

Before depositing anything into your Slot Madness account, you will want to familiarize yourself with the way they handle financial transactions. Don’t worry — we’ve prepared a short summary of their policies on withdrawals and deposits.

So, what are your options on depositing money into a Slot Madness account? According to the casino, you may use Visa, Mastercard, Neteller, and Bitcoin for your deposits. Also, there may be additional deposit options available; but you need to contact customer support for those.

For a Visa deposit, you’ve got a minimum of $50 and a maximum of $1,000. Besides that, the limit for a credit card deposit via live chat or telephone is $5,000 — and the minimum deposit is still $50. Finally, the option of a cash transfer exists, if you contact the casino first. And the maximum deposit is $1,350.

But what about withdrawing your winnings? When it comes to the available withdrawal methods, you’ve got the following: a wire transfer, bank checks, and a cash transfer. Additionally, Neteller and Bitcoin may be available; but not at all times. The minimum withdrawal amount is $100, per week — while the maximum is $2,500.

In its FAQ section, Slot Madness mentions their dedication to prompt payouts to their players. According to them, it generally takes for 10 business days for the payments to be approved. And then, another 7 business days to be sent. However, this is where we feel obligated to remind you — Slot Madness is notorious for delayed payments. There are many players who recall a horrible experience with their customer support on this issue, which we will get into shortly.


Naturally, one of the biggest pros of any online casino are the bonuses offered to players. So, what kind of promotions does Slot Madness have for its members?

For starters, the casino offers a truly large welcome bonus of $4,000 for all games except for the progressive ones, for a deposit up to $1,000. The minimum deposit for this bonus is $30. For table games and video poker, the wagering requirements are quite steep — standing at 80x the sum of the deposit and the bonus amount. In addition, the WR for the other games—in other words, online slots and Keno—is 30x the deposit plus bonus. And this welcome bonus has a maximum payout of 10x the deposit.

Additionally, the players can claim a 100% match bonus on progressive games. The minimum and maximum deposits are the same as for the welcome bonus — $30 and $1,000. This bonus has a wagering requirement of 30x the deposit plus the bonus, and a max cashout of 10x the deposit. Also, the casino regularly offers other bonuses to its members. There is a 100% match bonus, which is valid for all games and has no max cashout and no wager requirements. This bonus has a minimum deposit of $30 as well.

Besides these, Slot Madness has two additional bonuses for its VIP players. One of these is a 250% match bonus on all slots and Keno games. This bonus is valid for a minimum deposit of $50 and has no maximum wager requirements and max cashout. The other VIP perk is a 180% bonus on all games except for progressive games. It has no wagering requirement, except for table games and video poker; where the requirement is 40x the deposit plus the bonus. It also has no max cashout.

The casino also offers comp points to its players, for playing certain games. The minimum amount of comp points a player can redeem is 1000, and 100 comp points are worth $1. The wagering requirements for comp points is 30x the deposit plus bonus for slots and Keno, and 60x the deposit plus bonus for video poker and table games. In order for a player to be able to redeem these, they must have an account balance of 0$, and no pending withdrawals.

Customer Support

Over the course of our research on Slot Madness, we have found quite a few grievances against the casino. It seems that customer support was less than agile when it comes to responding to player complaints. Worryingly, most of the players had gripes with extremely delayed payout times. You should know that this isn’t just a staple of Slot Madness Casino. In fact, it’s a problem people have with most establishments in the Virtual Casino group.

Obviously, the fact that players have a problem with withdrawals is a big red flag for any casino. When you’re playing with real money, you want a degree of certainty that reputable establishments offer. And if it takes an awfully long time to get your winnings — you should think twice about playing at such a casino. Unfortunately, Slot Madness definitely falls into that category.

For example, in one instance a player had not been able to withdraw their winnings for more than 5 months. In the meantime, he had won another 5 times. Seeing as the first withdrawal request was still pending, he was not allowed to withdraw those winnings either. Astoundingly, the casino simply ignored all of the player’s complaints.

In an even worse example, the casino claimed that a player had duplicate accounts, and closed their account. It turned out that the player was waiting for a payment of $200 for four months. And once he submitted a complaint to customer service, the casino closed his account. But in the process, they would not provide any actual evidence of these duplicate accounts.

The live chat option is another disappointing aspect of their customer support, as it is member-only. Unregistered users have to use their email address to contact the casino. When you use this option, customer support may take up to 2 business days to process your question. Lastly, casino members from the US also have the option of a toll-free telephone as a means of contact.


Considering all of this — you must be wondering what’s our final verdict on the Slot Madness Casino experience.

When we simply consider the quality of the casino’s design and the gameplay experience itself — they’re not too bad. But, on the other hand, they’re not outstanding either. And certainly not enough to warrant your dismissal of the many other faults Slot Madness has. The bonuses it offers are fine, but the worryingly common withdrawal issues should make you think twice about depositing money. At the end of the day — we definitely recommend trying your luck at some of the more reputable online gambling establishments.

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