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Is the quality of Silver Oak Casino as sturdy as its namesake tree or is it as rotten as old wood? Read our Silver Oak Casino review to find out!

Silver Oak Casino Review

Silver Oak Casino is an online casino which has been operating since 2008. While this establishment has acquired a dubious business reputation over the past decade, it does offer games provided by RTG — one of the most reputable casino software providers. Although we will get into the wide assortment of casino games that this establishment offers, we also feel inclined to explore its questionable reputation further.

Is Silver Oak Casino Trustworthy?

As mentioned above, the business practices of Silver Oaks Casino haven’t exactly earned it the most stellar reputation. Since its opening in 2008, this casino has been affiliated with many notorious names in the online gambling community. Firstly, the casino is run through the Ace Revenue affiliate program, linked by ownership to the notorious Virtual Casino group.

Also, the casino has admitted to having bought their player database from the infamous Crystal Palace Casino after the passing of its former owner, Warren Cloud. While the management of Silver Oak maintains that this purchase is as far as their relation to Crystal Palace goes; one can’t help but feel uneasy about a casino with so many shady connections.

Silver Oak Casino 1The fact that this casino’s website makes no mention of the jurisdiction it belongs to is further cause for alarm. Alternate sources reveal that while this casino group was run from Costa Rica for years, they have recently moved to the Czech Republic. Apart from that, this online establishment suffers from the usual troubles players associate with the Virtual Casino group; ridiculously prolonged payouts and extremely poor customer support.

Initial Impressions

But their business reputation aside; what does a visit to the Silver Oak Casino actually look like? Despite the brand name that would make a rustic, wooden theme the most logical choice, Silver Oak does not boast a particularly impressive website. In fact, it lacks any sort of recognizable theme. Instead, it opts for a generic look dominated by only a few different shades of red.

The homepage that greets you upon your first visit is annoyingly cluttered. It’s understandable that the casino intended to provide their players will all of the information they deemed important; but unfortunately, all at once. Luckily, while the rest of the website isn’t any more graphically pleasing than the homepage, at least it’s much more utilitarian in its design. Most of the other pages are easily navigable and provide clear access to any crucial information.

Casino Rating

Summary: 6.0
Trust and Fairness: 4.0
Bonuses: 8.0
Customer Support: 6.0
Games: 8.0
Payout Speed: 2.0

T&Cs Analysis

While the terms and conditions of this casino contain many clauses that are standard for the industry; you’ll also find an alarmingly high number of poorly written or questionable terms.

Here, the casino lists the circumstances in which it would cancel a player’s account, void their winnings, and confiscate their account balance. While it’s normal that a casino has the freedom to do this in certain circumstances, some of the ones they list here were written poorly or with malicious intent.

For example, the K clause gives the casino the right to cancel the accounts of players who use ‘low-risk strategies.’ However, they do not define these specific strategies anywhere — neither in the terms and conditions nor anywhere else on the casino website. This leaves the clause absolutely open to interpretation, giving Silver Oak Casino the freedom to ban players at their full discretion.

This is especially worrisome when taken into consideration together with the L clause under it. Therein, the casino reserves the right to cancel player accounts based on their alleged behavior in other online casinos. Certainly, banning known cheaters is obviously a reasonable practice. But as you can see, some of the other prohibited behaviors seem to be vaguely defined by intent.

Furthermore, this clause gives us reason to believe that these Terms and Conditions were simply copied from another online casino site without any alterations or even a basic check. Listed as one of the reasons for closing player accounts, it particularly stands out. In this context, it basically says that a player’s balance may be confiscated if they are conscious of the fact they may lose money. Obviously, this is completely ridiculous.

Also, if you take another look at the L clause above, you will see that this term refers to the clauses ‘from I to X.’ The clauses in question are the ones we’ve highlighted at the beginning of this section. And as you can see, they are listed in letters, not Roman numerals. This is further proof that the terms were copied and written haphazardly.

As you can see, the preamble of the terms and conditions dedicates a fair amount of space to a declaration of player privacy and security of personal information. However, the terms themselves tell an entirely different story:

We arrive at another troubling term. In a 180-degree-turn from its opening dedication to player privacy, Silver Oak reserves the right to publicize your personal information in a number of circumstances. Most worryingly, they can reveal private information if they deem you have made ‘malicious comments regarding the Casino’s operation.’ This is obviously troubling, as the definition of a malicious comment is entirely open to interpretation.

Continuing their streak of vaguely worded terms, Silver Oak Casino also reserves the right to void the winnings of anyone they consider to be a ‘professional.’ However, they do not define how they make this distinction. And that gives the casino the ability to simply void any winnings they choose by claiming that the player in question was a professional.

Games and Providers

As we’ve mentioned above, Silver Oak Casino contains games provided by RealTime Gaming, which is definitely one of its few redeeming qualities. After all, RTG is one of the most renowned casino game providers. Silver Oak Casino offers more than 130 games of all varieties.

You’ll find 15 table games in the Silver Oak library. Most of them are Blackjack varieties, but there are also other classics such as Baccarat and Pai Gow Poker. Also, the numerous online slots section offers most of the RTG staples like Achilles and Asgard, along with 3-reel classics such as Bonkers. Indeed, quite a wide selection of slots is one of the best qualities this casino can boast with.

And if you’re a fan of the biggest card game of all time, you’ll be happy to learn that this online establishment offers 16 different video poker games! For those who find the base game boring, there are quite a few interesting varieties available. Alternatives like Joker Poker and Mystery Bonus Poker definitely spice things up. And as with all other RTG titles, you can be sure that the games will have smooth and streamlined gameplay, along with smooth graphics that could put any other gaming provider to shame.

Lastly, Silver Oak also offers a selection of specialty games, which have something for everyone. This section contains crowd-pleasers like Craps and everybody’s go-to gambling option — Scratch Cards!

All in all, the games that this establishment has in store for their players are one of their best qualities. With a quality provider like RTG, you can at least be sure that you’ll have a good time while you’re in the game. Plus, the casino features compatibility with Android and iOS devices.

Silver Oak Casino 2

Financial Information

Before you decide to put any money into your Silver Oak Casino account, you’ll need to know all about its policy regarding deposits and withdrawals.

When it comes to depositing money into your account — you can use credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express), as well as Neteller. The limit for credit card deposits stands at $1000, while the minimum is $50. You can also make a credit card deposit using live chat or phone, where the daily limit is $5000. Finally, you have the option of a direct cash transfer; in which case, you can deposit a maximum of $1350.

But what about the available withdrawal methods? Only three standard withdrawal methods are set in stone. The casino states that players may use wire transfer, checks, or a cash transfer to withdraw winnings. Any additional options, like Neteller or Bitcoin, are subject to change, per availability. As for the size of the withdrawal — the casino limits player withdrawals to a maximum of $2,500 per week, with a minimum of $100. After the withdrawal request, the terms state you should expect a payout within 10 business days.

However, as we’ve mentioned above, this casino is notorious for slow payments, just like most in the Virtual Casino group. Many players have had to go through tedious back-and-forths with the casino’s customer support in order to receive their winnings. In some cases, this even took several months. Because of this, regardless of the variety of games available here, make sure you think twice before making a deposit at Silver Oak Casino.


But what about the bonuses players can expect at this establishment? Actually, Silver Oak offers quite a sizable bonus for new players.

For the first deposit, you get a bonus of 100% up to $1,000. And this bonus is the same for the next 10 deposits, which means you can receive a maximum of $10,000 over 10 deposits. The best part of this is that the wagering requirement isn’t too high either — 30x the deposit plus the bonus. However, it is higher for video poker and blackjack, standing at 60x the deposit plus bonus. This bonus has a max payout of 10x the deposit.

On top of this, there are also potential no-deposit bonuses for simply registering. While these are subject to change, the casino states they’re usually between $15 and $100. Right now, new members have three no-deposit bonuses available — $25, $50 and $100. For these, the wagering requirement remains the same as with the previously mentioned new player bonus, but with a max cashout of $100.

And when it comes to other bonuses, there are some interesting ones for existing players as well — for example, the 270% Crewpon bonus code that comes with a free chip. Also, you can enter a monthly draw by making three deposits — the player who wins will receive a $10,000 casino chip. Apart from this, there are 50% cashback bonuses, as well as a 200% happy-hour bonus from 10 to 12 PM. Lastly, you may claim a $777 re-deposit bonus, as well as a maximum Blackjack bonus of 161%.

As you can see, for players who like a casino with a wide variety of promotions, the offers from Silver Oak are quite satisfying.

Customer Support

In our search for grievances against this casino, we’ve found that the customer support was reluctant to respond to member queries. However, bear in mind that many players have complained about their unresponsiveness when it comes to money withdrawal issues, which is obviously a huge red flag.

Additionally, we found that the live chat option was not available to unregistered users, which is fairly disappointing. Non-members may use their email address to contact the customer support, but it can take up to two business days for them to respond. On the other hand, members of the casino have more options at their disposal — toll-free telephone, as well as live chat and email.


Bearing all of this in mind — what’s our final opinion on the quality of the Silver Oak Casino experience?

With this particular establishment, giving a simple yay or nay would be difficult. In terms of pure gameplay, the casino definitely has a lot going for it. It boasts a solid variety of games, powered by one of the best software providers on the market. And the many different bonuses offered are sure to lure quite a lot of players. However, the tedious withdrawal times and customer service issues should make any potential players wary. If you’re ready to go past such issues, though, you can expect exciting gaming sessions with potentially huge prizes!

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