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Casino Overview

The MYB Casino is another newcomer in the online gambling industry. The casino was established in 2017, and it shows. The casino sports a state-of-the-art website, with a sleek, polished, and professional design. The website is super responsive and easy to navigate, giving off a great first impression.

Sadly, that’s where the good things about MYB Casino abruptly come to a stop. As soon as you take a look behind the gorgeous facade, the many problems plaguing this online casino become apparent.

Namely, the casino’s Terms feature some dodgy clauses that define “irregular play” a bit too liberally. The definition itself wouldn’t be a problem, but the casino continuously leverages the vague terms and “spirit of the bonus” to deny player winnings.

MYB Casino Review 1MYB Casino is licensed in Curaçao and operates under the MYBookie brand. Nevertheless, the gambling license shouldn’t instill confidence in players. The casino stubbornly holds on to their anti-player terms and are yet to show any signs of wanting to resolve a complaint in the players’ favor.

Casino Rating

Summary: 2.0
Trust and Fairness: 2.0
Bonuses: 2.0
Customer Support: 2.0
Games: 2.0
Payout Speed: 4.0

T&Cs Analysis

One of the things players often point out as a drawback of MYB Casino are their predatory terms regarding irregular play. Although not rogue per se, they do apply ridiculous limitations and leave room for the casino to wipe player accounts on the basis of “bonus abuse.”

“Bonus Fishing”

Although we can’t say we don’t understand why terms like “bonus abuse” and “irregular play” exist, in our opinion, MYB Casino is taking it a bit too far.

Namely, the casino reserves the right to void winnings and wipe accounts when players employ “certain types of bets” during bonus play. The casino lists five different examples, but their definition of “irregular play” is by no means limited only to these instances.

Here’s just one example (you can read the rest in the casino’s Terms):

We don’t know about you, but we sure do think this definition of “irregular play” is bonkers. If anything, we’re inclined to consider lowering a bet after a big win a natural reaction.

It’s not like there is a way to “cheat the system.” The wagering requirements are still the same. Whether you place ten $10 bets or one $100 bet hardly makes any difference.

Among the listed examples are also low-risk Roulette bets, switching games, and changing your betting style. At a glance, one might get the idea that the casino is merely paranoid and wants to prevent “bonus abuse.”

However, reading through the player complaints on various sites, we believe this, and other terms, are deliberately predatory. The casino can label any betting style as “abusive” and decide not to pay out legitimate winnings. And, on multiple occasions, they did exactly that.

$100 Minimum Deposit for Bonuses

Bonuses are supposed to be incentives to get new players to check your casino out, right? They should give you the opportunity to check the casino out with minimum risk.

For whatever reason, MYB Casino finds this concept difficult to comprehend. The minimum deposit required to claim any matching bonus is $100. We’ve reviewed hundreds upon hundreds of online casinos, and have never come across such an astronomical deposit minimum.

You might think that the casino tries to appeal to high rollers, but you’d be dead wrong. With a maximum weekly withdrawal of $2,000, that is hardly the case. We highly doubt any high roller would find these terms agreeable.

Furthermore, another thing we have to point out is that MYB Casino hides the fact that all their bonuses are sticky. There is no mention of the fact that you can’t withdraw them anywhere in the casino’s Terms.

The casino representative on Live Chat first treated us like idiots who don’t know what bonuses are and how they work, when we asked a simple yes/no question regarding their stickiness. However, they did eventually confirm that all bonuses players receive at MYB Casino are removed during cashout.

“You get a wagering requirement. And You get a wagering requirement. Everybody gets a wagering requirement!”

Now, one could argue that you don’t have to claim the casino’s bonuses. True enough, but why are the bonuses there if not for players to benefit from them? Obviously, to make it more difficult for you to win…

Still, even if you opt against claiming their “generous” offers, you’ll still have wagering requirements. Namely, the casino states they can “impose a wagering requirement” on your deposit if your account has no wagering requirements at the time.

The casino’s customer support would assure you this simply means you have to wager your deposit at least once before requesting a withdrawal. Although that’s not unheard of, take a close look at how the term is written:

Nowhere does it say that the wagering requirements are 1x the deposit. In fact, as things stand, this term implies that the casino can freely apply any wagering requirements to players’ real money accounts.

Whether this was deliberate, or not, is debatable. Admittedly, this particular term wasn’t the cause of any player complaints thus far. Still, similar ambiguous terms were used to void winnings and deny payments…

Account Termination

As much as there are legitimate reasons for a casino to terminate a player’s account, there are also senseless, anti-player clauses rogue casinos rely on to justify stealing players’ money.

Again, we went through hundreds, if not thousands of Terms by various online casinos. Judging from our experience, the following clause in MYB’s terms is on the far end of the senseless side of the scale:

Read through the clause carefully. Give it time to fully sink in. Yeah, it would appear that MYB Casino can terminate your account without any notice whenever they decide to stop providing their services specifically to you.

Wow… They can pick and choose players and terminate their accounts without any basis. As you might imagine, there is no mention of refunding deposits or processing pending withdrawals anywhere in this term.

And why would there be? It’s evident that this term exists solely for the purpose of justifying the casino’s non-payment policy. Now, if that isn’t rogue, we don’t know what is…

Games and Providers

As we mentioned, from a purely visual standpoint, the casino is superb. The games are conveniently sorted in categories, making it easy to browse through MYB Casino’s library and find your favorites.

However, the games do take a while to load. This is somewhat of an issue since there is no game preview, and Instant Play is the only option players have. MYB provides around x casino games by Betsoft, Visionary iGaming, Concept Gaming, and Nucleus Gaming.

MYB Casino Review 2Although not the best of the best, games by these providers do sport decent graphics and employ a variety of unique themes. Players can choose between classic slot games, 3D slots, video poker, and table games. Among the Featured Games are titles like The Angler, Giovanni’s Gems, Ogre Empire, and many others.

Furthermore, there are a few specialty games on offer, as well as 10 tables in MYB’s Live Casino. Live Dealer games, although a rarity—especially in US-facing casinos—are always a welcome sight. So, we applaud the casino’s decision to opt for Concept Gaming as one of their game providers.

Despite there not being a download version of the casino, most of their games are available on mobile devices. In hindsight, mobile compatibility is only a small plus, overshadowed by the many problems plaguing this online casino.

Financial Information

The banking options available at MYB Casino are decent. Apart from credit/debit cards, players can fund their accounts and withdraw money through several eWallets. The casino also supports cryptocurrencies, which we’re sure many players appreciate.

Deposit Options

There are a total of 7 deposit options available at MYB Casino. After each deposit, you will receive an email confirmation. The casino suggests all players keep track of all the transaction data, so any issues regarding multiple charges are quickly and easily resolved.

All transactions are in US Dollars only. Furthermore, if you’re depositing via check, you’ll need to provide the photo of said check, as well as your current account balance. Similarly, if you opt for Bank Wire to fund your account, you’ll need to provide a receipt and confirmation.

  • Visa — Minimum $45; Maximum $2,500
  • Mastercard — Minimum $25; Maximum $2,000
  • Bitcoin — Minimum $100; No maximum
  • ACH — Minimum $2,000; No maximum
  • Bank Wire Transfer — Minimum $100; Maximum $500
  • Person2Person — Minimum $45; Maximum $2,500
  • Phone Transfer — Minimum $45; Maximum $2,000

One thing to note is that both minimum and maximum deposits depend on the “customer level.” However, that’s the extent of information the casino provides. There is no “VIP club” page on the site, or anything of the sort. Once again, they are vague and leave things open to interpretation.

Withdrawal Options

When withdrawals are concerned, there is absolutely no information on the casino’s “Banking” page.

You can only see the available options in the cashier, once you’ve created an account. We can’t speak on anyone else’s behalf, but we like to know our options before committing to creating an account.

Thankfully, the support was kind enough to provide us with that information, so we didn’t have to go through the account creation process. It’s not that the process itself is difficult or time-consuming; it’s just that it requires mobile authentication, and we’re not too keen on getting spammed with promotional messages from this casino.

Back to the issue at hand… There are a total of 3 withdrawal options. Bitcoin is the fastest option, but it still takes a full day to receive your winnings. On the other hand, E-check and Wire Transfer will take anywhere from 7 to 10 business day. And that’s without any delays, which aren’t exactly a rarity when MYB Casino is concerned.

On top of that, there’s a 2-day pending period. The maximum you can cashout weekly is $2,000, regardless of which option you choose.


There’s plenty of bonuses on offer at MYB Casino. However, the variety of the available bonuses and promotions was never the problem. The issue is that all the bonuses are sticky and subject to ridiculous anti-player bonus terms, which we covered above.

Other than the fact that the minimum deposit to claim any bonuses is $100, players often cite “bonus abuse” as the casino’s weapon of choice — a term this casino often relies on to deny legitimate winnings.

Instead of an incentive that would get new players to join the casino, MYB’s bonuses are an obvious trap most players know how to avoid. Even if the casino didn’t exploit their “irregular play” clause, there are still the 30x deposit + bonus wagering requirements. That, and the fact that most games don’t contribute to WRs is enough to put off the vast majority of the player base.

Here’s a more detailed look at some of the casino’s bonuses, just so you can get a clearer picture:

Sign Up Bonus

It would appear the casino’s management isn’t deaf to player complaints, after all. As we mentioned, countless players over the years pointed out the fact that a $100 minimum deposit is nonsensical.

Although MYB Casino didn’t alter the general Terms, they did lower the minimum deposit required to claim this welcome bonus. Namely, when you create an account at the casino and deposit at least $45, you can choose to claim a 200% match deposit bonus up to $1,000.

They toned down the wagering requirements as well. Rather than being 30x deposit + bonus, like before, they are now 30x the bonus + 1x the deposit. Whereas you could interpret this as a step in the right direction, the improvement is, in our opinion, insignificant.

Again, we must point out that the casino actively hides the fact that the bonuses are sticky. In our eyes, lying by omission is just as bad as distorting the truth.

Free Spins

When it comes to free spins at MYB Casino, they’re arguably even worse. The max cashout was recently raised from $100 to $300, but that’s still not enough to classify this bonus as “good.”

The wagering requirements are 30x the winnings from the free spins. After you fulfill them, you must then wager 1x the original deposit (minimum of $45) before you can request a withdraw. Basically, the more you deposit and the more you win off of the free spins, the worse off you’ll be.

Additionally, the 50 free spins are only available every Wednesday. Moreover, you can only use them on a particular slot the casino determines beforehand.

It is a little disheartening when you see that the casino offers a bunch of bonuses, but you then quickly realize that you’re better off without them. Still, that is the reality you’ll find yourself in, if you go against our warning and end up playing in MYB Casino.

Customer Support

Whereas we can’t say the casino’s support is horrible, they are definitely “in on it.” What we mean by this is that, regardless if they’re just following the management’s directive, they knowingly perpetuate the “bonus scam.”

As we mentioned, there is not a single piece of copy on MYB Casino’s website that would lead you to believe that their bonuses are non-redeemable. That’s why we hopped on to the Live Chat and asked a simple yes/no question.

The chat did connect in seconds, and we got an answer reasonably quickly. However, the answer was borderline offensive. We felt that the casino rep was insulting our intelligence, because instead of confirming or denying the stickiness of their bonuses, they were explaining the very concept of a deposit bonus to us.

When we kept pressing, they finally confirmed our suspicions. Among the hundreds of player comments, we ran into one where a player expressed their shock when a casino rep on Live Chat asked for their username and password. Whether “Bart” was just not competent enough to do his job, or the roots go a bit deeper, is still a mystery. Regardless, this is simply unacceptable by any and all standards.

Other than Live Chat, players can also contact the support team via email or a toll-free telephone. However, we can’t imagine you’d have a significantly more pleasant experience, regardless of which method you choose.


Other than the casino’s striking exterior, not many good things can be said about MYB Casino. When you remove the visually impressive veil, you’ll see a disturbing image of a casino that’s waist-deep in rogue waters.

Admittedly, MYB is not blatantly rogue, but they don’t hesitate to deny withdrawal requests and void players’ winnings, as long as they have a “decent” excuse. Most of these excuses stem from deliberately vague and, in some cases, predatory Terms and Conditions.

The promotions MYB Casino offers are only there to lure you in. Once you’re caught in the “mousetrap,” there’s no use calling customer support for help. They are included in the scheme and will do everything in their power to “remove the stains” from the casino, while refusing to assist you with your issues.

Logically, the best (and only) course of action is to avoid MYB Casino entirely. There’s no need to make compromises. There are plenty of excellent online casinos that offer outstanding bonuses and have no problem paying out your winnings. So, if you want to play the best online casino games and thoroughly enjoy the experience, check out our list of recommended online casinos.

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