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20 May

Mega7’s Casino Review

May 20, 2019
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“A Casino You Can Trust”

Mega7’s Casino has an interesting slogan, to say the least. We have to appreciate the irony since this rogue pit has broken its players’ trust time and time again. They’ve been known to rely on vague terms, fabricate T&C violations, and even wipe account balances without an explanation. The only thing you can trust is that you likely won’t ever receive a penny from this blatantly rogue, pitiful excuse for an online casino.

The casino launched in 2010 and has been scamming players for nearly a decade now. According to the casino’s Live Chat support, they are licensed in Curaçao although that information isn’t displayed anywhere on the website.

Mega7’s Casino belongs to the Number 1 Affiliates group. We’re confident that there is no actual contest for the worst casino group, so this title is self-bestowed as well.

Forums and watchdog portals are littered with furious comments from the casino’s players. From denied withdrawal requests to absurd multi-accounting accusations, it appears there’s nothing Mega 7’s Casino won’t do just to prevent its players from ever cashing out. Needless to say, you should avoid this wannabe casino at all cost.

Terms & Conditions Analysis

It doesn’t take long to realize Mega7’s Terms aren’t exactly player-friendly. The fact that whoever wrote them is illiterate aside, the casino’s T&C are deliberately vague, predatory, and include several contradicting clauses. Here’s a closer look:


Naturally, no online casino will allow you to create multiple accounts and claim their bonus offers indefinitely. So, the problem isn’t with the clause itself although they could have worded it a bit better.

As you can see, multiple accounts “will locked.” If the casino has reason to believe that you’ve registered several accounts from the same IP address, they will permanently lock you out. Of course, they will instantly reset your balance to 0 and deny any pending withdrawal request.

Still, not unreasonable, right? What about when a software “glitch” automatically logs you into several different accounts during your play session? As it turns out, this can and did happen several times in the past.

Funny enough, players who have won big at the casino seem to have been more exposed to this “mysterious glitch.” Simultaneously, it circumvented those with negligible balances.

We didn’t do the exact math, but we can only imagine that the odds of this happening are slightly lower than winning a progressive jackpot at one of RTG’s slots available at Mega7’s Casino.

Winning May Be Deemed High-Risk Conduct

Another clause that leaves the fate of your account balance in the casino’s management’s hands, rather than in RNG’s, pertains to fraudulent activity and high-risk conduct.

What does this mean, translated to plain English? It means that the casino’s Fraud and Risk Department can freely categorize any behavior as “high-risk.” And we’re not talking about the standard bonus abuse, card counting, or advantage play — although terms like that would still be considered predatory.

Here, if the casino sees anything out of the ordinary in your play pattern, they may (read: 100% will) void your winnings. Even if there’s nothing they can pin on you, it’s not a problem. As soon as you hit a big win, they’ll let their creative juices flow and come up with something senseless to justify their apparent no-payment policy.

Evidence from multiple casino’s players suggests that winning is quite often deemed “high-risk conduct” by the Fraud and Risk Department. Honestly, they should just drop the “Risk” and call themselves “Fraud Department” — because that’s exactly what they are.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

By now, we can clearly see the pattern starting to emerge. Mega7’s Casino’s terms are deliberately vague and written in a way which leaves the casino with more autonomy than it should have.

The problem here is the “if we deem such necessary” part. Judging by the casino’s notoriety, it would seem they deem it necessary to close accounts so as to prevent players from ever claiming their winnings.

So, you might have a decent balance at the casino, only to find that neither your account nor your winnings exist just a few hours later.

“Game Malfunctions”

As per clause 22 of Mega7’s Casino’s terms, if a game crashes, you can kiss all your winnings goodbye. Malfunctions can and do happen; that’s nothing new. However, this isn’t the proper way to go about it.

Reputable online casinos will allow you to continue right where you left off, instead of using a server crash as an excuse to steal your money.

Taxing Your Winnings

The casino does need to maintain some semblance of normalcy, so they do occasionally pay a small portion of the player base. However, they aren’t exactly keen on parting with any of the money, even if the sums are below $500.

Apart from any fees your payment processor might incur, the casino also charges a $35 fee on all transactions under $500 if you select Check or Bank Wire Transfer as the withdrawal method.

Furthermore, there is a 2–5 business days pending period for all withdrawals. Add the verification and the processing times on top of that, and you’d have to wait almost 2 weeks to claim your winnings. That’s if you’re one of the “lucky” ones the casino decides to pay, of course.

Max Cashout During Bonus Play

Although max cashout while playing with bonuses isn’t exactly unheard of, it’s not praiseworthy either. If this clause applied only to free spins, we would have no objection. In fact, it would be unreasonable to expect a casino to has no withdrawal limit on a no-deposit bonus.

However, this rule applies to “complimentary bonuses” as well. We might risk sounding like a broken record, but we have to point out the obvious. It’s precisely this vagueness that the casino uses as leverage against the players. “Complimentary” can mean any and all bonuses, including deposit bonuses.

And here’s the problem: Let’s say you’re depositing $50 and claiming the casino’s 259% welcome offer. Your balance at the time of claiming the bonus is $50, and the bonus itself is $129.5.

If we take this term literally, and we’re sure the casino does when it’s convenient, the maximum you can withdraw while playing with the $175.5 is $100. The casino reps claim that there is no max cashout on matching deposit bonuses, but it wouldn’t be the first time they twisted their own words. And you best not forget the 35x deposit + bonus wagering requirements you’d have to meet first.

Games and Providers

Games mega7s

Mega7’s Casino offers a variety of online casino games, provided exclusively by RealTime Gaming.

RTG is up there with the best casino software developers and does offer an impressive selection of uniquely-themed, visually impressive slots, as well as a decent number of video poker, table, and specialty games.

From classic 3-reel to 5 and 6-reel slots and RTG’s signature progressives, there are over 260 superb games to choose from in Mega7’s Casino’s library. These include Cleopatra’s Gold, Bubble Bubble 2, Aztec’s Treasure, and many other player favorites.

However, the website is poorly optimized and takes a while to load all the titles. Most players prefer the download version of the casino since it allows them to indulge in an uninterrupted, lag-free gaming experience. Furthermore, RealTime Gaming’s slots allow you to quickly see the vital information about the game, including paylines, winning directions, and bonus features.

Over 80 of casino’s games are available on mobile platforms as well. In theory, you could play your favorite RTG games while on the move. However, judging by Mega7’s Casino’s site performance, it would be optimistic to expect a smooth mobile gaming experience.

Financial Information

The banking options available at Mega7’s can only be described as pitiful.

You can only fund your account using a credit or debit card, or Bitcoin. The casino defines neither minimum nor maximum deposit. The same holds through for withdrawals, which are only available through Bank Wire Transfer or Bitcoin deposit to your crypto wallet.

All other banking options are strangely absent. There is no Neteller, Skrill, ECO Payz, or anything of the sort. It’s apparent player convenience isn’t high on Mega7’s Casino’s list of priorities.

What’s even more strange is that there’s no information on the maximum withdrawal amount on their Banking page. Apparently, you first need to create an account before they can reveal this information to you. Laughable, if you ask us.

Turns out, the minimum deposit amount is $25, whereas there is no minimum or maximum withdrawal. We have to say that we were more than a little surprised to find out that there is no max cashout if you win off of a clean deposit.

However, God forbid you claim any of their bonus offers. You’d have to either decipher which of the terms apply — General Terms, Promotion Terms, Free Spin Terms, or Welcome Bonus Terms. It’s either that or grow old trying to explain to a casino representative on Live Chat which bonus offer you’re inquiring about. You’re essentially choosing the lesser of two evils…

Anyhow, here are the “supreme banking options” Mega7’s Casino provides:

Deposit Options

  • Credit/Debit Cards — $25 minimum deposit, instant processing time
  • Bitcoin — $25 minimum deposit, instant processing time

Withdrawal Options

  • Wire Transfer — minimum not stated; no max cashout; Processing times: 2–15 business days
  • Bitcoin — minimum not stated; no max cashout; Processing times: 2–24 hours

As we’ve said multiple times already, making a withdrawal at this poor excuse of a casino is a long and arduous process. First, you have to wait an entire week for the “pending period” to expire, then up to two more weeks for the funds to actually reach you. We understand that “patience is a virtue,” but this is simply unacceptable.


Free Bonuses

There’s no shortage of bonuses at Mega7’s Casino. Aside from the welcome offer, which consists of a 259% matching bonus and 175 free spins, there’s an abundance of daily promotions you’d want to avoid.

All of the casino’s bonuses are non-redeemable and typically more trouble than they’re worth. High wagering requirements make the bonuses even less appealing. You have to wager the combined deposit and bonus amounts at least 35 times before you can request a withdrawal.

Here are the details regarding several of Mega7’s Casino’s promotions:

Welcome Package

When you first create an account with the casino, you will be promptly introduced to their welcome offer. There are three 259% bonuses in total, each available on deposits up to $100. In total, you’ll have access to $777 of “borrowed money.” The bonus amount will be removed from your balance as soon as you go to cash out.

Moreover, this welcome offer is reserved only for players with the “majority Slot wagering” tag. If at any point, you start enjoying table or specialty games at the casino, they’ll instantly rescind the offer. The permitted games for this bonus are Slots, Keno, and Scratch Cards.

Slots contribute 100% of wagers towards the WRs, while Scratch Cards and Keno only contribute 25% and 10%, respectively. Standard wagering requirements of 35x deposit + bonus apply.

If the casino is to be believed, there is no max cashout for this or any other matching bonus. However, we mustn’t forget that Mega7’s Casino has a tendency to go back on their word and provide different interpretations of their terms on a case-to-case basis.

7 Days of Free Spins

When you make your first deposit, the casino will extend its generosity and reward you with 25 free spins every day, for seven days. Wagering requirements for the free spins are 35x the winnings.

Again, the more you win, the worse off you are. You still want a decent sum to play with, but if you start hitting high amounts, meeting the wagering requirements might prove mighty difficult.

The maximum you can ever withdraw from these free spins is $100. As soon as you make a withdrawal, at any point during the 7 days, the casino will stop crediting free spins to your account.

Special Promotions

There are plenty of daily and special promotions available as well. At the time of writing this review, the casino had an enticing offer related to the upcoming game Fire Dragon. They allowed you to “book” free spins for this game in advance.

Namely, if you deposited $100 within the given timeframe, the casino would reward you with 50 free spins to test the game out as soon as it launched. Interesting concept, but still tainted by the fact that the most money you could ever hope to claim is $100.

Customer Support

We approached Mega7’s Casino’s Live Chat customer support knowing full well what we can expect.

There is a mountain of unresolved player complaints and comments from frustrated people that have been ripped off by this casino. Most of them point out unresponsiveness of the customer service team and their general unwillingness to work on resolving player issues as one of the biggest problems this casino is experiencing.

Live Chat connects lightning-fast. You’ll be able to talk to a casino representative seconds after you click the “Live Help” button. However, their response isn’t nearly as quick. On the contrary, they will take their sweet time to answer even the simplest of questions.

There’s also the fact that the reps type as if they’re having a stroke and hitting random letters on the keyboard:

Jokes aside, we do understand that not everyone is a native English speaker. Still, when the only available language in your casino is English, we expect the employees to actually speak it.

Other means of contacting the casino are by calling a US toll-free number or sending them an email. We imagine the phone conversation would be even more entertaining, although equally fruitless. And when it comes to emails, you likely won’t receive an answer, at least not long after you’ve already started playing at a much more respectable online casino.


For the love of God, don’t play at this casino. Apart from a decent selection of RTG games, there’s nothing even remotely good about Mega7’s. They will rely on vague, predatory terms to reject your withdrawal request and void your winnings. Even if there’s absolutely nothing they can reasonably use as an excuse to refuse to pay you, they’ll make something up.

Thousands of players were already swindled by this rogue pit, so we implore you to stay as far away from Mega7’s Casino as possible. We can only hope you and other gamblers will heed our warnings. The shutdown of this shamelessly rogue casino is the best scenario we can hope for.

And, if you’re intent on playing RealTime Gaming’s outstanding slots, there are countless alternatives out there. Comparatively, any RTG-powered casino is infinitely better since Mega7’s is rotten to the bone.

Check out our list of recommended online casinos and if you want to wager real money online, pick one that won’t try to scam you out of your legitimate winnings.


Reputation: 1/5

Software/Games: 4/5

Banking Options: 1/5

Banking Times: 1/5

Support: 2/5

Bonuses: 3/5

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