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25 October

Montana to Feature 1,400 Sports Betting Locations

October 25, 2019

Montana is set to receive sports betting by the end of the year, with the Lottery proposing 1,400 locations that could start offering the gambling activity.

When Governor Steve Bullock legalized sports wagering on May 3, the Montana Lottery (ML) expected to start accepting bets in time for the NFL season. However, it has pushed the rollout for late 2019.

This week, the ML submitted a proposal that would see sports betting become available at up to 1,400 locations. Until November 4, the new rule will be up for public comments, with the officials saying that they want the residents to weigh in.

“We anticipate being ready for an end-of-the-year launch, but the public comment piece is a very important piece of it and we will follow that,” said Jennifer McKee, a spokesperson for the Lottery.

Montana is home to around 1.06 million people, and 1,400 sports betting locations would mean there would be one bookie per 764 residents. 

By law, Montana allows sports betting in venues that have a liquor license.

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