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03 July

Milwaukee Man Robbed After Winning at Potawatomi Hotel and Casino

July 03, 2019
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A Milwaukee man hit the jackpot twice and won $25,000 only to lose it after being robbed.

TMJ4 reported Wednesday that Christopher Czarnecki went home with the prizes after visiting Potawatomi Hotel and Casino. He won $12,000 and $13,000 in two days of playing slots. The man stated that he was excited about what had happened to him. 

However, this feeling did not last long.

In an interview with TMJ4, the winner said that only a handful of people were informed about the win, including Hunter Marks — Czarnecki’s roommate with whom he bought a safe to keep the cash.   

On June 6, they heard a knock on the door. Marks saw a masked man pointing a pistol at him, with Czarnecki being alerted once the armed robber entered the house, followed by two more individuals.

After restraining Marks and his mother, they grabbed Czarnecki and made him open the safe. The robbers escaped with the money, while Marks and Czarnecki rushed to catch them.

Czarnecki said that he would have put the cash in the bank if he got another chance.

Potawatomi Hotel & Casino issued an official statement, saying that they stressed the importance of safety within their premises. The casino resort offers security escorts to the winners and uses surveillance.

Milwaukee Police are still investigating the robbery and are searching for the suspects.

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