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05 November

Illegal Gambling Operator Charged With Theft

November 05, 2019

Former Illinois illegal gambling operator is facing theft charges for allegedly stealing money from a legal terminal provider, announced the Illinois Gaming Board (IGB) on October 29.

Vincenzo “Vince” Dublino was the principal witness at the 2010 racketeering trial of mob boss Michael Sarno, who was also in the illegal gambling business. In 2002, Vince supplied unauthorized video gaming machines to a diner located in the mob boss’ territory. In retaliation, Sarno threatened and ultimately pipe-bombed Dublino’s storefront. In exchange for testifying against Michael, Vince was granted immunity for his illegal operation.

The Illinois law enforcement arrested the 45-year-old on October 29, charging him with forgery and theft after the IGC had received tips about Dublino allegedly submitting forged documentation to Accel Entertainment Gaming, thus receiving reimbursement from the video gaming provider.

Despite his dubious history, the IGC approved a terminal handler license to Vincenzo in 2013, enabling him to start working for Accel. However, it ordered the company to disassociate from the suspect in 2018, even though he still holds the license. 

Dublino is no longer in custody, having paid 10% of his $50,000 bond.

Accel is the biggest video gambling company in Illinois, providing machines in over 2,300 locations.

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