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10 October

$10M Lawsuit Filed Over Cheating at Stones Gambling Hall

October 10, 2019
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A $10 million lawsuit filed Tuesday alleges that poker player Mike Postle cheated during live-streamed games at Stones Gambling Hall, assisted by cardroom’s employees.

In late September, “Stones Live” commentator Veronica Brill accused Postle of cheating after observing a game in which he folded — a good move as his opponent Marle Cordeiro had a straight flush while he had a one-card straight. Suspicious of Postle’s luck, Brill voiced her concerns to the officials at the cardroom, but they found no evidence of cheating.

The filed lawsuit names 25 plaintiffs, including Brill, who are seeking $10 million in damages resulting from conspiracy, fraud, and libel, dividing the money fairly based on “the number of minutes they spent playing on the Stones Live Poker broadcast from January 1, 2019, through the present.”

According to the lawsuit, Postle had an accomplice from within Stones Gambling Hall, who might have had access to the radio frequency identification, thus informing Postle of his opponents’ cards.

The 43-year-old player did not win every session, but “plaintiffs have information and a belief that such sessions correlate to the absence of Mr. Postle’s chief confederate, John Doe 1.”

Postle won roughly $250,000 during these sessions.

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