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27 June

Twist of Fate Worth $1 Million

June 27, 2019

They say, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” But they seem to have overlooked a single thing…

A woman from Colorado traveled to Las Vegas, paid a visit to a casino and came home with nearly a million dollars. What a twist of fate?

On Thursday, South Point Hotel expressed congratulations to Colorado resident Rhonda on hitting a $954,263.11 jackpot. The woman was playing on a 25 cent Wheel of Fortune progressive slot powered by IGT. 

“What’s the first thing you’d be doing this morning if you were in her shoes?” asked the casino resort in the tweet. And some witty folks didn’t miss the opportunity to plunge into a dream where they have a million bucks in their pockets.  

A nice way to quit your job:

This guy doesn’t seem to be the one who’s fond of dreaming. He acts instead:

A house on the seashore? A dream trip? Or maybe a fancy sports car? Well, this guy isn’t fond of any of the aforementioned:

No comment…

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