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03 July

Kentucky Supreme Court to Examine Instant Racing Case

July 03, 2019
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The Kentucky Supreme Court said that it would analyze a lower court’s ruling that legalized instant racing in the state.

Although Kentucky bans casino gaming, Franklin Circuit Court Judge Thomas Wingate concluded in October 2018 that pari-mutuel wagering laws do not prohibit instant racing machines.

The Family Foundation, a non-profit organization in favor of conservative legislation, brought forward a case which saw the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission approve instant racing.

The state’s Supreme Court has made a decision to hear it.

In November 2018, the organization appealed to the highest court due to the Circuit Court’s decision.

In a statement, Kent Ostrander, executive director of the organization, stated that no one in Kentucky voted to authorize these machines.

It is expected that the case will reach the Court later this summer. Those who operate instant racing venues and the Commission will be able to provide a response to the brief within 60 days.

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