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29 October

Yahoo Embraces Sports Betting

October 29, 2019

Technology giant Yahoo has inked a sports betting deal with gaming and hospitality company MGM Resorts, aimed at driving traffic to online gaming app BetMGM.

In early September MGM launched BetMGM in New Jersey, providing patrons with a “seamless” wagering and gaming experience, while Yahoo’s owner Verizon Media released its mobile app Yahoo Sports in 2015, giving access to the live sports coverage.

“The historic partnership with Yahoo Sports and BetMGM will change the future of fandom, providing new ways for sports fans to go beyond engaging with content and interact through commerce,” Verizon Media CEO Guru Gowrappan said.

Verizon Media’s media platform has become MGM’s Digital Media Sports Partner, with BetMGM set to integrate into Yahoo Sports in November.

The partners provided minute details about the deal, but news outlet Sports Business Daily (SBD) shed more light on the contract.

SBD claims that Yahoo Sports will act as an affiliate of BetMGM, utilizing its sports content in order to promote and drive traffic to MGM’s app. The companies will share the revenue produced from referrals.    

Additionally, MGM and Yahoo will join forces for promotional and content opportunities, specifically those arising from major sporting events.

The NBA and NHL, which collaborate with MGM, expressed that the MGM-Yahoo partnership would benefit the leagues’ fans. 

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