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23 July

Michigan Man Wins $2M on Lottery

July 23, 2019
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Winning $2 million on a lottery felt like getting a “safety net” for one Ypsilanti resident.

Recently, the 47-year-old man purchased a $20 ticket for the $2,000,000 Bonus instant game at the Valero gas station. After scratching the winning ticket, he realized he had won the prize.

On Monday, the player, who wished to remain anonymous, visited the Lottery headquarters to obtain his reward. 

The Michigan resident opted to receive a lump sum payout of about $1.3 million instead of annuity payments of the full amount.

In an interview with Lottery officials, he said he would use the money to carry out home repairs, go on a vacation, and make an investment.

The state lottery introduced the $2,000,000 Bonus instant game back in June. Ever since then, it has paid out more than $15 million to players.

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