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27 June

Football Cornerback Caught Cheating at Casino – Video

June 27, 2019
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TMZ leaked a video in which American football player Adam “Pacman” Jones is allegedly cheating in an Indiana casino.

Former cornerback and kick returner “Pacman” Jones was arrested for felony cheating at the Rising Star Casino Resort on February 27. After the court hearing, the 35-year-old was sentenced to 10 days in prison and a probation period that wouldn’t allow him to indulge in alcohol for a year and a half.

The posted video features a man playing at the blackjack table and sneakily throwing up additional chips to the stake when his hand is winning. The filmed man wears the same golden bracelet and, presumably, hoodie that Jones wore that night. 

However, the recording does not disclose the cheater’s identity, showing only parts of the hands that made illegal bets. 

TMZ published the material without sound.

In the wake of Jones’ purported scam, he – now distinctly – is approached by the police, with whom he later apparently had a angry discussion. 

The quarrel escalates when Jones starts swinging his fists at the law enforcement officers’ faces, resulting in him being handcuffed.  

In March, the former NFL player was charged with 8 felonies, including intimidation, battery against an officer, and several misdemeanors. At first, Jones plead not guilty, but later agreed to a deal offered by the court which entails prosecutors withdrawing all charges but one count of gambling cheating and one count of lawlessly resisting law enforcement. 

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