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06 August

Farid Jattin Gets First Place at Potomac Poker Open

August 06, 2019
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Farid Jattin has secured a win at the Potomac Poker Open, prevailing over a total of 348 entries.

The 30-year-old player kicked off his poker career in 2010 at the Florida Million Poker Tournament. Since then he has participated in over 50 tournaments and grossed more than $4 million in prizes.

“I figured I could put a lot of pressure on these guys. I’m used to playing these kinds of pay jumps and I’m not sure if these guys really are. Overall, I felt really comfortable,” said Jattin.

The action at the final table of the $3,300 Main Event entered the eight hours when the Colombian player showed ace-eight to American player Rajasekar Govindan’s jack-three. The hand was enough to secure him the first place and a $247,950 payout.

The win represents the second-largest payout in his career, coming behind a $746,000 prize he scored in the $25K PSPC.

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